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For companies dissatisfied with ordinary and vaguely branded promotional products and corporate gifts due to lack of expert advice, limited product selection, and poor imprinting options; GiftAFeeling brings unique branding solutions that help you stand out and build stronger relationships with your customer, trade partners, and employees. Being a leading Canadian multinational supplier of corporate gifts, promotional products, branded merchandise, and company swag, GiftAFeeling serves a global clientele, including countries like Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, India, the Netherlands, and more. 


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Our Locations

Production facilities, corporate offices, and showrooms all across Canada & USA 

Our Services

Unique imprinting methods, custom boxes, company stores, corporate discounts, and much more.

Our Lab

Global thought leaders and the #1 global R&D lab in the promotional giveaways & corporate gifts domain.

Trusted By 1000's

giftafeeling inc. startup business of the year 2021 canadiansme national business awards

One of Canada's Top 5 E-commerce Businesses

GiftAFeeling Inc. was recognized as one of the top 5 finalists by the 2021 CanadianSME National Business Awards in the category "Digital & E-commerce Business of the Year".

GiftAFeeling Inc., including their subdivision - The Shared Secrets Lab, is the globally recognized thought leader and the #1 leading R&D company in the gifting and giveaway domain around the world. With research performed in psychology, not only do we get you the desired visibility, impressions, and better brand recall value from your campaigns, but also decrease the environmental footprint of promotional products & gifts along with saving you from spending a fortune on these!

Some of our innovative projects


A hot pink take on Barbie branded merch

We've taken the timeless charm and iconic branding of Barbie and transformed them into a collection of branded merch that captivated the hearts of brand influencers. This concept embraced the essence of the Barbie brand and the newly released Barbie Movie through a range of branded merch. Using state-of-the-art decorating techniques, we ensured that every Barbie product bursts with vibrant colors and never lacked attention to detail, just like Barbie's fabulous wardrobe!

Playful and tactile branded merch

Just as LEGO has enchanted generations with its universal appeal, these branded items made them stand out like never before. They enerated excitement, built brand loyalty, and sparked conversations by integrating charm and creativity. Online and in-store memorabilia, physical brand experiences, and loyalty program gifts, all benefitted from simple interactions becoming playful memories, forging a stronger connection with the brand.



Behind this VIP kit was the color gold – reminiscent of opulence and prosperity. Our initial idea was to create a beautiful gift set that mimicked the look of an Amex gold card. To match the Amex tagline Don’t live life without it, our creative team imagined a twist on classic styling; we had a vision of something a little more over-the-top that radiated with richness. Each item is creatively branded with a signature Amex look that turned these everyday essentials into delightful, luxurious amenities.

Fast-food Trio

The idea for this project stemmed from a simple comparison between a famous golden fry and our Sydney yellow ballpoint pens. With our new custom packaging capabilities, we asked our R&D team to create our very own fast food fry sleeve. The idea was cute and clever but we’re not ones to limit our possibilities. We started with 100% grade ‘A’ Dino Earbuds, Sydney yellow ballpoint pens, and silk screened the side of our Bali portable oil diffuser cup and made it appear full of ice cold cola with the help of an indented dome!

Inspiration-fast-food-trio (1).jpg__PID:fd06c02d-eaa3-4132-a863-aef05054ddd5
Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 4.55.36 PM.png__PID:5054ddd5-62ef-4736-acf0-a80d42233a93

Nostalgia-Fueled Super Nintendo World 

Super Nintendo World is a theme park based on the iconic Super Mario video game series and features attractions, restaurants, and shops that transport visitors to a world of adventure and fun. With colorful graphics, memorable characters, and immersive experiences, Super Nintendo World has captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

We used the theme park for the basis of our case study; what kind of merch could we create that was fit to be sold in the “1-UP Factory” merch stores for fans to purchase? We infused each of our products with the sense of wonder and playfulness of Super Nintendo World, transporting you straight into the games you know and love.

Our Team

Founder and CEO

Our vision is to leave zero questions in the mind of people when they are finding a gift or a promotional product. Based on research done on human psychology, we have developed products which are guaranteed to be loved. Our goal is to make finding a product as easy as grabbing coffee; no over-thinking or questioning! This unforgettable experience starts when someone visits our website, all the way until the product becomes a part of the receiver’s daily life. 

- Vinayak Mahajan,
   Founder & CEO,
   GiftAFeeling Inc.

Vinayak Mahajan - CEO Picture - giftafeeling

Chief Executive Officer

Vinayak Mahajan

In a world where first impressions and lasting connections are paramount, your choice of corporate gifts and promotional products speaks volumes about your brand. So our mission is clear - to assist companies dissatisfied with ordinary and vaguely branded promotional products due to limited product selection, poor imprinting options, and lack of expert advice. At GiftAFeeling, we transcend these challenges by offering unique branding solutions that make you stand out and forge stronger connections with your customers, trade partners, and employees.

Our uniqueness lies in our approach. We are not just suppliers; we are creators and innovators. Our partnerships with premier retail brands and our mastery over 100+ of unique imprinting methods allow us to offer a spectrum of branding solutions unparalleled in the industry. As we look to the future, our focus remains on enhancing the customer experience, from the moment you visit our website to the unboxing of your branded product. We are dedicated to simplifying and enriching every step of this journey, ensuring that each interaction with us adds value and depth to your brand story.

yash patel founder and coo giftafeeling

Chief Operating Officer

Yash Patel

Our journey at GiftAFeeling is marked by relentless pursuit of excellence, not just in the products we offer but in every process that brings these products to your doorstep. From strategic partnerships with world-renowned brands like Nike, Adidas, and Hugo Boss, to the deployment of state-of-the-art imprinting technologies, we are committed to providing unparalleled value and quality.

The diversity of our clientele, from multinational corporations to educational institutions, has taught us that no two branding challenges are the same. Our operational strategies are built around this understanding, ensuring personalized service that meets your specific needs and exceeds your expectations. Operationally, our focus is twofold: efficiency and sustainability. In a world that demands speed without compromise on environmental responsibility, we strive to set new standards. Our logistics, packaging, and product sourcing are meticulously designed to reduce carbon footprints, reflecting our deep commitment to sustainability—a core value of our business.

Chief Creative Officer

Kartik Mahajan

GiftAFeeling was founded on the belief that a gift can do more than just convey appreciation—it can create a moment, evoke a feeling, and leave an indelible mark on the heart and mind. This philosophy guides our creative process, inspiring us to craft experiences that go beyond the tangible. Our partnerships with globally recognized brands enable us to offer an extraordinary range of products, but it is our unique approach to customization and personalization that truly brings these items to life. From pioneering new imprinting techniques to exploring eco-friendly materials, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in our industry. The Shared Secrets Lab, our in-house research and development hub, plays a critical role in this endeavor, providing us with invaluable insights into gift-giving psychology and trends.

kartik mahajan cco giftafeeling
kartik mahajan cco giftafeeling

Chief Research Officer

Devanshi Shukla is the Chief Research Offer at GiftAFeeling Inc. and the Chairman of The Shared Secrets Lab. When we started GiftAFeeling, our goal was to certainly save people from falling prey to Giftophobia by providing research-based gifts, but we had no idea that gifting psychology could itself become not only a service-based, but also a fully self-sustaining line of business. Under her leadership, GiftAFeeling has become a global thought leader and the #1 R&D company in the gifting and giveaways domain around the world. Today, we don’t only deal on the retail side of business, but are also receiving requests of onboarding research projects like ‘redesigning the rewards and recognition programs for employee retention’ by the big Canadian corporations. Some of her most successful initiatives were hiring & training psychology interns from around the globe, giving them an opportunity to gain real world experience along with sharpening their skill sets in multiple domains of psychology like gifting psychology, social psychology, behavioural psychology, organizational psychology, etc.

Devanshi Shukla, 
Chief Research Officer, GiftAFeeling Inc.
Chairman, The Shared Secrets Lab
Doctor of Medicine (MD) 2024, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry

Lead Graphic Designer

My strong belief in visual communication led me to call myself an Artist. Growing up, I was influenced by colors, images, crafts, music, and everything creative. My mom remains my inspiration. For my innovative skills, I can say I got them from my mom. The decision to chase my dream has a jaw-dropping impact on my life. I am grateful that I could establish small firm of designers along with my friends, and landed on various brilliant opportunities to utilize graphic and web designing knowledge. I am glad to work with them and gain a wonderful experience. Being a part of GiftAFeeling has made me realize how appreciating, supporting, and encouraging the team is. What keeps me going is seeing my kid picking up and taking interest in designing. I somehow motivated him to create his designs at such a young age. So, I decided to teach him design. Altogether, it’s an outstanding experience to work with the GiftAFeeling team. Read my full story here.

Vrushali Sachin Chavan, 
Lead Graphic Designer,
GiftAFeeling Inc.

Vrushali lead graphics designer giftafeeling

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