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Leading The Way

Thousands of sustainable product options. Dozens of forward-thinking retail brands. And the real impact of financial contributions to nonprofits working for a better world.

Eco-friendly Products

We ensure that your merch doesn't cost the earth

Purpose Partners

Certified B Corps that balance purpose with profit and other forward-thinking retail brands that are all in on environmental and social responsibility.

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Brands That Give Back

Retail brands making a difference with charitable foundations, nonprofit partnerships, volunteer efforts and more.

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Responsible Sourcing

Taking responsibility a step further with supply chain transparency, including certifications from third-party organizations such as the Forest Stewardship Council®.

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Owner Diversity

Brands that are changing the face of traditional business, including women-owned businesses. Along with the opportunity for you to support a small business, these brands create products that put a premium on craftmanship.

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Sustainable Materials

Products made with materials that are better for the planet – recycled plastic, organic cotton, FSC®-certified bamboo and more.

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Do you know what percentage of your promotional products & corporate gifts get tossed out?

Research shows that...

63% are given away!

23% are thrown away! 

Less than 10% are actually kept & used!

This is where GiftAFeeling Inc., the #1 global R&D company in the corporate gifts & promotional products domain can help you!

With research performed in our Shared Secrets Lab (TSSL) on gift-psychology, not only do we provide research-based products that increase the success-rate of promotional merchandise & corporate gifting campaigns, but also... 

Provide research-based innovative & creative products that people will actually keep and not toss out!

Provide products that are better for the planet - biodegradable, made from recycled material, ethnically sourced, FSC certified bamboo, and more!

Get you the desired impressions, visibility & brand recall value along with saving you from spending a fortune.
AKA boost your ROI, sustainably!

Sustainability At GiftAFeeling Inc.


Get a FREE audit report for your company's promotional merchandise & gifting campaigns!

Created by global thought leaders and psychologists from our lab, the report includes research, surveys, and studies for different kinds of promotional products, geographical areas, and demographics for all kinds of different industries including healthcare, all-size businesses, educational institutions, charities,  and much more.

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