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Company Stores

Stores made especially for your brand!

It's 2024, everyone offers a company store that lets you and your employees order company swag with 24x7 up-time and keeps your product & printing consistent. At GiftAFeeling, we take it to the next level.

Biggest selection of branded and affordable merch

We don't just provide you with typical swag like regular white 11oz mugs or Gildan t-shirts. At GiftAFeeling, we have strategic partnerships with premier retail brands such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Hugo Boss, Bugatti, Swiss Force, North Face, Yeti and more. This association and our vast inventory access to most of the top-tier American retail brands means we can brand nearly any product you envision at an affordable price!

Don't make your employees shop around for last minute orders

Most of our competitors don't have the ability to ship products in short timelines, leaving your employees to start looking for other suppliers for products. At GiftAFeeling, whether it's a last minute order of a single t-shirt or 500 mugs for next day, we have the capability of imprinting and shipping everything in less than 24 hours!

No more bland company stores, we build stores particularly for your brand

Instead of fitting your brand in an unimpressive template, we will build your company store especially for your brand's image, colour, and feel.

Take end-to-end control over your products, inventory, and quantity

Sometimes, a custom printed shirt is $4, but shipping costs $7, and this is where most company stores lose money. But at GiftAFeeling, we provide you end-to-end control; enabling you to hold, store, package and ship multiple products together. Moreover, you can control your own inventory and minimum order quantities!

Not just 9-5 on weekdays, we provide 24x7 support through chat

You can't always be creative during the workday, so we let your employees, business partners, and customers order products any time of the day or night. If they run into issues or challenges, we are available to support you through chat, phone or email!

Unique imprinting methods that look sophisticated and stunning

Don't just limit yourself to embroidery and screen printing. At GiftAFeeling, we offer some of the most unique decoration methods like patches, emblems, metallic imprint, foil imprints, embossing, debossing, and much more. All these allow you to explore what fits your brand and products the best, and provide a product that stands out!

Curious how our company stores, built especially for your brand, would look like?

We at GiftAFeeling take pride in working as an extension of your marketing and branding team. We ensure that everything that your brand stands for, including the mission, vision, values, and even logo colours, resonates with both your company stores as well as the products. As a result, your employees, business partners and customers will never feel that they have left your website and have come to a different one to buy your branded merchandise!

Use cases

  • A hospital needs an easy way to collect orders from its staff across multiple departments or locations, including scrubs, medical supplies, and branded apparel.

    GiftAFeeling's company stores offer a simple and efficient way for organizations to provide uniforms, apparel, and supplies
    to employees without the hassle of manually
    collecting orders.

  • A company wants to reward employees and new hires with branded products to select from as a token of their appreciation, which employees can access via gift cards and/or a purchase order

    GiftAFeeling's employee recognition stores are a great way to motivate employees, stay connected with staff, and retain talent. Employee recognition was ranked the #1 most popular occasion to give corporate gifts in 2021.

  • A university needs an efficient way to provide uniforms and equipment to its athletic department and players year-round.

    GiftAFeeling's online stores are a game-changer for providing sports teams with uniforms and equipment. Simplify the ordering experience by eliminating the hassle of manually collecting and organizing team orders.

  • A corporation wants to offer employees a chance to grab their favorite company-branded hoodie, t-shirt, backpack, and more.

    Employees love repping an organization they’re proud to be a part of. GiftAFeeling's company stores give employees the chance to feel appreciated by being able to select from high-end, company-branded gear.

  • A local coffee shop wants an easy way for customers to buy their favorite coffee mug, gift basket, or even a gift card to their go-to coffee spot.

    GiftAFeeling's online stores allow businesses and organizations to sell their branded merchandise and apparel directly to the public, spreading their brand awareness and opening an additional source of revenue

  • A local animal shelter wants to raise money from the community to help purchase food, toys, and medical treatments for its animals.

    GiftAFeeling's fundraising stores give supporters a chance to rally around a meaningful cause and promote a specific fundraising activity. This can also help support local businesses and build lasting relationships in the community.

  • A company wants to offer a top prospect an array of gifts to select from as a thank you for attending their sales pitch.

    GiftAFeeling's company stores are a convenient way for companies to provide customers and prospects with popular branded gifts, without charging them at checkout. The most popular corporate gifts include physical/digital gift cards, gift baskets, and everyday branded products.

  • An airline wants to reward its employees with high-end products to select from as a token of their appreciation for a successful year.

    GiftAFeeling's company stores are a great way to celebrate with employees before an upcoming holiday or to promote a special company event. Holidays and events are among the top 3 most popular occasions to give corporate gifts!

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