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Custom Embroidery - Embroidered Patches

Step into the world of unique fashion with our Custom Embroidery service. We bring to life your creative vision with an array of colors, patterns, and styles that transform your wardrobe. Our specialty lies in creating Embroidered Patches that perfectly capture your aesthetic. These aren't just accessories, they're extensions of your personality. Our skilled team crafts every detail with precision, ensuring the highest quality. Be it a logo, symbol, or any design you fancy, our Embroidered Patches bring your vision to life. Choose our Custom Embroidery service, because your fashion should be as unique as you are.


Durability and Longevity

Versatility and Flexibility

boy embroidering capboy holding an embroidered capclothe adorned with embroidery patches
embroidery machinejacket adorned with embroidery patcheswinter cap embellished with embroidered patches
fabric adorned with embroidered patches by machinegirl holding an embroidered piggy bag

Embroidery Benefits

Embroidery offers numerous benefits. It provides a high-quality, professional appearance to clothing and accessories, with designs that don't fade over time or in the wash. Embroidery can accommodate a variety of colors, making your design vibrant and visually appealing. It's a versatile method suitable for various materials, including cotton, denim, and leather. This technique enables customization, ideal for personalizing items or branding promotional materials. Embroidered logos or insignias exude a high perception of value, enhancing your brand's image. Lastly, due to its durability and colorfastness, embroidery is perfect for work uniforms, sports team attire, and other high-use applications.

Embroidery Care Instructions

Caring for embroidered items involves steps to maintain design integrity. Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle or by hand. Use a mild detergent, avoiding bleach or harsh chemicals. If machine washing, turn the item inside out, protecting the embroidery. Air-dry if possible; high heat can damage threads. Iron inside-out, never directly on embroidery. Consider using a fabric softener to maintain the material's softness. For professional embroidery, follow specific care instructions provided, as thread type and material can affect care needs.

Can I customize my own artwork or logos for embroidered patches?

Yes, at GiftAFeeling, you can absolutely customize your own artwork or logos for embroidered patches. They provide an interface for you to upload your unique designs. Their team will then translate these into an embroidery pattern, creating a personalized patch that truly represents your brand, event, or personal style.

What is the turnaround time for custom embroidered patch orders?

The turnaround time for custom embroidered patch orders typically ranges between 5-7 business days. This includes time for design approval, production, quality checks, and packaging. Keep in mind, more complex designs or larger quantities may require additional time.