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Introducing Revolutionary 3-D Personalization

No More Personalizing Boring 2-D Rectangles & Squares 

Kartik Mahajan, the Chief Creative Officer at GiftAFeeling, has brought the 3-D world into your phone and computer screens. Allowing the world, for the first time, to personalize their apparel, drinkwares, bags, blankets, and everything on all sides possible using just the fingers - whether on a keyboard or a mobile's touchscreen. 

"This - (3-D personalization technology) will not only allow GiftAFeeling's clients and customers to take advantage of seeing the whole look and feel of products in real virtual life, but revolutionize the whole personalization domain. We are open for other companies to join us and work on this together; because all that matters to us at the end is the customer satisfaction. And I believe the new realm of personalization has opened the doors to much more than just selling products." - says Vinayak Mahajan, Founder & CEO of GiftAFeeling Inc.  

Read the idea to launch story by the CCO himself

Market Research

Soon we figured it wasn't only us that was facing this issue. If you go to any personalization/customization website, you are sure to see squares and rectangles previewing you the art area which is far from the actual customer needs. 

The Problem

While designing the customer navigation cycle and analyzing the customer behavior along with surveys performed by the marketing team,  we figured the #1 problem our clients & customers are facing, even after the "final preview", they still weren't sure about how the actual product would look like. 

The Solution

Soon Kartik discovered that the root cause of this is displaying 2D in a 3D world. The product cannot seem tangible, no matter how good the design and UX could be, until people can imagine it grabbing out of the screen and knowing exactly how it'd look. Thus, Kartik decided to take on this challenge and provide a solution that doesn't only treat the symptoms, but solve the root cause of the problem - 3D Sampling!