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Who We Are

Women-owned, women-run business

We are a fully women-owned and women-run business with an experience of 12+ years in hand-knitting and crocheting woolen clothes. We at our shop make hand knitted clothes like, woolen sweater, cap, gloves, mufflers, baby suits, frocks, hoodie, thal posh, stool covers, socks, cardigans, baby blankets, etc. All these things are handmade by us.

What makes us different?

1) We offer 100% customization for each and every order. 
2) 1,000+ of color and pattern variants to choose from. 
3) Fast-turnaround time. 

Based in Dehradun, India.

Dehradooni means something or someone that belongs to Dehradun. It is made of two words first part is Dehradun, i.e. our base city and the second part is ‘Ooni‘ that in Hindi means woolen. We aspire to bring you the traditional art of hand-knitted woolen clothes which is carried forward from generation to generation in Indian households. Almost every millennial mother today is taught knitting by her mother once in her lifetime. We at Dehradooni trapped this unused talent of Indian housewives and gave them an opportunity to be employed at the comfort of their homes!

Women-owned, women-run business

 Sneha Lata Goyal is a 48-year-old woman, mother of 3 children. Born in Dehradun, she had a quite peaceful childhood at Dehradun Cant. After she passed her 12th class she got married. At 20 she became a mother. She did UG and master’s in the Hindi Language.
She learnt knitting at the age of 12, from her mother. In 2006, she thought of starting some work to support her family’s financial needs. So, she started selling hand knitted woolen clothes. As the demand increases she started hiring local ladies to knit for her & motivated many to learn knitting.

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