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The Shared Secrets Lab

GiftAFeeling's Shared Secrets Lab (TSSL) is the #1 global R&D lab in gift-giving psychology, focusing on corporate gifts, promotional promotional, and branded merchandise. Led by industry SMEs, globe thought leaders, and psychologists, TSSL helps organizations pick products that are meaningful and kept, rather than getting tossed out. This not only makes sure that the promotional campaigns get the desired visibility, impressions, and better brand recall, but also decrease the environmental footprint of these products along with saving organizations from spending a fortune!

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"With extensive research in gifting and giveaways domain under the Shared Secrets Lab, GiftAFeeling Inc. has become a globally recognized thought leader and the #1 leading R&D company in the gifting and branded giveaways."

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TSSL Journal

The Shared Secrets Lab Journal is an interdisciplinary online magazine that explores the psychology behind gifts and promotional giveaways. By bringing together science, psychology and research-based articles, personal pieces, and creative works in one place, TSSL Journal aims to build a bridge between disciplines and envision new ways of thinking about the interconnections between psychology and gift-giving. 

Editor in Chief

With research performed in psychology in our Shared Secrets Lab (TSSL), the goal of this journal is to provide research-based products recommendations, research papers, editorials, and articles in the B2B and B2C domains, that can not only help increase the cost-efficiency of an organizations' promotional merchandise and corporate gifting campaigns, but also help them build stronger and longer relationships with their target audience. At TSSL, not only do we make sure that our products get the desired visibility, impressions, and better brand recall value, but also decrease the environmental footprint of promotional products along with saving you from spending a fortune on these!

Co-Editor in Chief

In today's day and age, merely giving away promotional giveaways or gifts isn't enough. As the majority of brands, including local and small businesses, are leaving their promotional merchandise in their consumer's offices and homes, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to stay on top of their prospects' minds. In fact, the number of impressions a given-away product or a corporate gift used to get has dropped significantly in the last few years. As a result, a majority of giveaway promotional products and gifts that are shared in Canada (worth 15 Billion dollars a year) and USA (worth 30 Billion dollars a year) are wasted, completely failing their purpose. This journal is a small step in GiftAFeeling's bigger vision to help individuals & organizations give what their recipient would love by backing the campaigns with research in human psychology!

Meet the team the shared secrets lab

Managers at TSSL

GiftAFeeling's Shared Secrets Lab consists of a team of brilliant psychology researchers, global thought leaders, SME's (subject matter experts), professors, and students from around the world doing deeper research in gifting and promotional giveaways psychology in both B2C and B2B domains. 

Connect with our psychologists  and be inspired by what's brewing in the lab; hear from the experts as they share experiences; discover new and exciting innovations in human psychology, and learn what's on the minds of these distinguished thought leaders!