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I promise that you will never have to google "What to gift" again for the rest of your life -Author  

What is this book about?

“A best or perfect gift is merely rooted in perception - How can an object itself be the best or perfect gift? The secret behind a well-received gift is the recipient’s psychology, the human psychology. What you have to do is just spark the right emotions in the receiver's brain. How? - this is what is unearthed in this book. Happy reading!”
Based on research and studies done on human psychology, my goal is to make gifting as easy as grabbing coffee; no over-thinking or questioning! - Author

What makes it unique? 

This is a one of a kind book on gift giving. There isn't any other book like this online or offline currently as this takes into account human psychology principles and its role in making a well received gift. It is based on the work done by top psychologists around the globe who are researching the art and science of gift giving, and provides a solution to challenges such as confusion and overthinking that people face while finding a gift for a special person - which could be, but not limited to family members and friends. 

Who should read this book?

If you Google "What to gift", "Best birthday gifts", and other similar questions - this book is for you. It unroots the hidden lie that dominates the gifting industry today & provides you a solution. To learn more click on the link Amazon below!

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