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Meet Our COO - Yash Patel

Meet Our COO - Yash Patel

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Being the second-in-command of GiftAFeeling Inc. is something I couldn't have asked for. Not only do people at GiftAFeeling really believe and pride on its goal, mission and vision, but also play their best part in implementing it in a day-to-day operations. This makes my job both easier and difficult at the same time - one the one hand I don't have to turn organizational goals into operational ones as our executives tend to never misunderstand what difference we are making in this world, and on the other hand, comes all the responsibilities of this independence as innovation and creativity gears up from employees at all levels; from internships to executives. As I see it - this culture at GiftAFeeling is what's allowing us to grow exponentially day-by-day on every employee level. People feel motivated and heard, and that's what I believe the first priority at this role is! 

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