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Who is Vinayak Mahajan?

Founder & CEO, GiftAFeeling Inc.

Founder & Director, The Shared Secrets Lab

GiftAFeeling's Shared Secrets Lab (TSSL) is the #1 global R&D lab in gifts and promotional giveaways. With research performed by the industry thought leaders and SMEs in human psychology, the lab enables individuals & organizations find the perfect gift or promotional giveaway products which help them build stronger relationships in both B2C, B2B2C, and B2B domains!

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About Vinayak Mahajan

Vinayak moved to Canada as a 17 years old international student; with a torn knee ligament; after missing a flight in Amsterdam; and with no friends or family in the entire country. It was only 3 months into him learning computer programming, which he was studying at Georgian College (Barrie), that he secured the 2nd position all over Canada and achieved top 20 global ranking in the Master the Mainframe World Coding Championship. This championship got him an opportunity to intern at the Royal Bank of Canada where he then accepted a full time position. After making it big in the tech industry for about 5 years, Vinayak founded the Shared Secrets Lab - the only research lab in the world that educates people, both individuals and organizations, on gift-giving based on research done on human psychology. And soon he also founded GiftAFeeling Inc. which within the first year of existence, became the #1 R&D company in gifts and giveaways domain around the world. In the very first year of business, both his startup, GiftAFeeling Inc. and himself were nominated "Startup Business of the Year" and "Young Entrepreneur of the Year" respectively by CanadianSME National Business Awards.

Today, Vinayak is a TedX Speaker, #1 Global Bestselling Author, Founder & CEO of GiftAFeeling Inc., and a highly recognized thought leader in the gifting industry around the world. He has been published in Exceptional People Magazine, Business Digest Magazine, has been seen on CNBC, Wall Street Select, USA Today, LA Business Podcast, and has made live TV appearances on Ticker News. He leads a team of psychologists doing research in gifting psychology and has reinvented the word, Giftophobia, in the modern era.

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Founder and CEO

Our vision is to leave zero questions in the mind of people when they are finding a gift or a promotional product. Based on research done on human psychology, we have developed products which are guaranteed to be loved. Our goal is to make finding a product as easy as grabbing coffee; no over-thinking or questioning! This unforgettable experience starts when someone visits our website, all the way until the product becomes a part of the receiver’s daily life.

- Vinayak Mahajan,
Founder & CEO,
GiftAFeeling Inc.

Vinayak Mahajan - CEO Picture

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I help individuals and organizations build stronger relationships! - Vinayak Mahajan

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Watch Vinayak's TEDx Talk - 4 Steps to Find the Perfect Gift!



Young Entrepreneur of the Year, 2021

Vinayak was nominated GoDaddy's Young Entrepreneur of the Year, 2021 by CanadianSME National Business Awards.

His company, GiftAFeeling Inc. is a globally recognized thought leader and the #1 leading R&D company in the gifting and promotional giveaways domain around the world. GiftAFeeling's Shared Secrets Lab is the only research lab in the world that educates people, both individuals and organizations, on gift-giving based on research done on human psychology. In the very first year of business, GiftAFeeling acquired over 6,000 5-star reviews creating the highest industry satisfaction rate of 98% in both the B2B and B2C segments.

Vinayak's Book - Unearthing the "Gift"

#1 Global Bestseller

“A best or perfect gift is merely rooted in perception - how can an object itself be the best or perfect gift? The secret behind a well-received gift is the recipient’s psychology, the human psychology. What you have to do is just spark the right emotions in the receiver's brain. How? - this is what is unearthed in this book." - Author

What's in it?

This is a one of a kind book on gift giving. There isn't any other book like this online or offline currently as this takes into account human psychology principles and its role in making a well received gift. It is based on the work done by top psychologists around the globe who are researching the art and science of gift giving, and provides a solution to challenges such as confusion and overthinking that people face while finding a gift for a special person - which could be, but not limited to family members and friends.

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I promise that you will never have to google "What to gift" again for the rest of your life!



Blueprints Conference, Toronto

Organized by Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University, Blueprints was one of the biggest conferences in Toronto. I was invited as one of the 10 speakers in a 2-day event to share my expertise on the gifts and giveaways domain.

Innovation Day, Royal Bank of Canada

Organized by MM&HS under Technology & Operations, Royal Bank of Canada, Innovation day was one of the biggest tech events comprising of hackathons, workshops, presentations and much more. I was invited to present my automation execs and app developments.

IBM Z Day SE (Special Edition)

IBM z16 Day SE (Special Edition) is a 1-day virtual conference with more than 9,000+ attendees globally. Along with the other global thought leaders, I highlighted the industry trends and innovation spanning around open-source technology for infrastructure modernization.

Industry Panel, Barrie

I was invited to speak at a corporate conference with a theme organizational trends and future workplace innovation. My deliverables included a short presentation followed by an industry panel discussion with experts from Canadian armed forces, financial institutions, and much more.

TV Interviews

Exclusive Interview - Ticker News

Finding gifts can be a huge headache for some people when going into the holiday season. I was interviewed live on TV by Ticker news to answer why Giftophobia exist and how people can prepare themselves to avoid getting trapped in it.

Interview - Brill Media Co.

I was invited to share the founding of GiftAFeeling Inc. - lessons learned from the failures along the way along with discussing the scaling strategy. The interview was a big hit among the new entrepreneurs who are looking to enter in the B2C domain.

News & Media

In Touch Rugby - US, Europe, UK

Published on In Touch Rugby's USA, Europe, and UK print and digital media outlets for the success of my book - Unearthing the "Gift" which became a #1 bestseller in Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, UK, and USA.

USA Today - World News - Wall Street Select - CNBC

Got published in USA Today, World News, Wall Street Select, and CNBC sharing the learnings and challenges faced and overcome during the COVID 19 pandemic.


LA Business Podcast

Shared the founding story of GiftAFeeling Inc. along with the challenges, learning, stories, and experience of team building, customer acquisition, leveraging digital marketing, and much more.


Students and young professionals are facing barriers, uncertainty, biases and changing priorities as they navigate the school to work transition. I had the chance to talk Uncertainty, gifting and being an entrepreneur with Vinayak Mahajan and I am happy to share our conversation with you - Brien Convery


Exceptional People Magazine

Talked empathy, sympathy, gratefulness, & emotional intelligence, and their importance in the pandemic and post-pandemic world. Also shared 5 tops on improving people's lives, career, & businesses.

Business Digest Magazine

Shared stories from the pre and early days of GiftAFeeling Inc. - how GiftAFeeling was profitable and fully bootstrapped, how it broadened the horizons and entered the B2B market, and how it's one of the fastest growing businesses in Canada today.

Go Solo Magazine

Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Vinayak Mahajan, Founder, and CEO of GiftAFeeling, located in Toronto, ON, Canada.

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