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GiftAFeeling High School Skills Accelerator Pilot Program (GHAP)

GiftAFeeling High School Skills Accelerator Pilot Program (GHAP)

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What are internships?

Internships are professional learning experiences that allow high school students, college students, and recent graduates to take everything they’ve learned in school and apply it in a real-world situation. They help you narrow down and develop your career path and gain new skills for future jobs.

GiftAFeeling is hiring interns that are creative and bring new ideas and energy to our company. We often hire interns as full-time employees and provide university and college scholarships after high-school graduation. 

Paid Virtual Internships:

Students are paid a $1400 CAD stipend on completion of the project for up to 80 hours on each project working part-time for the length of a semester, school year, or summer break. 


Benefits of doing internships with us in high school

Benefits of doing internships in high school

Our virtual internships help high school students gain professional skills and a foundation for their future careers. Through internships, high school students can explore various career fields and areas of interest to determine which career path they want to pursue in the future. This exploration is encouraged through virtual internships, giving high school students plenty of opportunities to change their minds and think outside the box.

When a student determines their career path, choosing an internship relevant to that field of study helps them gain a competitive edge among their peers.

When high school students with internship experience apply for university or a professional job, they can confidently add skills like teamwork, organization, professionalism, and written communication to their application. Internships also prepare students for leadership roles at their university and in their companies.

Why should I do a virtual internship in high school?

Due to increased technological advances and the current state of the world, many people now work remote or semi-remote. When you choose a virtual internship, you’re not only getting job experience in high school; you’re learning how to develop discipline, work independently, and become effective in all working environments.

Are internships worth it?

Virtual internships offer a smooth transition into remote work and in-person work. They prepare you for university, especially studying and working in all types of environments. Virtual internships teach flexibility and build resilience, especially when you can’t control your circumstances or working environment. Internships in journalism, marketing, and software engineering often offer remote or virtual opportunities.


Characteristics of a Strong Internship

  • Helps students develop and achieve their learning goals
  • Involves more than just clerical and administrative tasks
  • Offers a mentoring program to company interns
  • Gives regular, constructive feedback to the intern
  • Encourages interns to offer fresh ideas that help their business grow
  • Teaches the intern about the organization and its various roles within the company

What should I expect to gain from a quality internship?

  • Meaningful, real work experience
  • A mentor who guides you through your internship by answering questions and providing constructive feedback
  • Experience in a particular field
  • Professional and academic contacts
  • Exposure to employees at all levels of the company

How to apply?

Simply email us your resume' or CV to 

Alex is our HR Manager and will reach back to you after reviewing your application within 24 hours! 

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