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Meet Alex Melano - HR Manager at GiftAFeeling Inc.

Meet Alex Melano - HR Manager at GiftAFeeling Inc.

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Hi, my name is Alexandre' (Alex) Melano and I love my job! I get to talk to a lot of amazing people - interviewing, hearing their stories, and finding the top talent for GiftAFeeling Inc. I am a recruiter and traveller, the best I could have asked. I tried to pick up journalism but not sure if I can do that for my career as although it involves a lot of traveling and meeting amazing people, GiftAFeeling offers me a lot of opportunities to do all this without having to stress about writing and publishing content. I regularly attend recruitment meetups, events, and I know a lot of powerful people in any industry industry.

I was named employee of the month for May 2022 for the  outstanding effort in improving the hiring & onboarding process of the new employees along with hiring over 30 employees in 2 months.

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