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Meet Isabella Singh - Psychology Researcher

Meet Isabella Singh - Psychology Researcher

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My name is Isabella Singh and I am currently in my undergraduate studies at the University of Western Ontario majoring in Psychology and minoring in Gender Studies. I believe strongly in how our human nature impacts greatly on even smaller things in life that other people put less thought into. After looking into GiftAFeeling and seeing such a diverse, hardworking, and established company I felt that this is something I needed to be a part of. I loved the idea of looking into the psychology of gift-giving and how the smallest changes can impact the perception of the gift and help others when stressing over what gift to give. The Shared Secrets Lab at GiftAFeeling allows me to explore the nuances of gifting and its relation to a field I love to study which makes me excited and inspired. I adore writing and sharing information that can improve the lives of other people. This internship allows me to grow in my field and also take my studies into the real world and impact lives.

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