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Meet Naseea Harun - Psychology Researcher

Meet Naseea Harun - Psychology Researcher

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My name is Naseea Harun, and I recently graduated from the University of Ottawa with my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. The brain and its functionality are mind-boggling, to say the least. The human brain and its complexities provide us to see a world beyond our scope. This magnificent organ provides insight into the behaviours, interactions, and thought processes of humans. During my undergraduate, I prepared and developed my abilities to further use my analytical mindset and skills in the aspect of research. Later I applied those skills to other parts of my life. The Shared Secrets Lab, GiftAFeeling is the platform that encourages and helps exhibit my research and writing skills on the embodiment of psychology. Psychology plays a role in our daily lives beyond the doors of academia. The Shared Secrets lab allows the acknowledgement of that by extensive research, written articles, and blogs. Blogging is a great opportunity and form of method to truly express and convey the importance of psychology and its prominent presence in our lives. I look forward to writing pieces that resonate and allow my audience to form a connection with my words. 

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