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Sustainability is not a mere tagline; it is a mantra to us at GiftAFeeling


1) How we adhere to our sustainable practices?

Ethical buying involving products made keeping environment in mind is continuously increasing with the growing call for sustainability. Therefore, incorporating the values of SUSTAINABILITY into our day-to-day lives is crucial; to combat the alarming harmful effects. We have to understand the root causes of why there is an urgency so that we can change for better. Since every single change begins with us, here is our brand ethos – that revolves around embracing eco-friendly habits. Support SUSTAINABILITY.

Awareness for sustainability has been increasing, as a matter of care and attention. People have been looking more into the brands offering corporate sustainably. Let’s understand it with insights from Neilson:
  • Consumers around the world pays attention and cares about environmental issues
  • There is a growing demand for corporate sustainability
  • Consumers expect companies to take environmental health into consideration
Therefore, to meet the increasing demand for a cleaner and greener world. And keeping our customer preferences in mind at all times we are in the process to emerge as a sustainable brand that is for the betterment of nature and earth that have already given so much to us. Going all-in for sustainable green products is our way to give gratitude to nature. To know how, read on…
To support the above. Here’s an excerpt from ‘our services’ page:

“Sustainability is not a mere tagline; it is a mantra to us at GiftAFeeling.
We do not mislead the customers into thinking we’re sustainable—aka greenwashing—we strive for a sustainable and greener environment through our actions, products, and recycling. Read below to see the steps we take to ensure a greener environment.”

2) Choosing An “Eco-Friendly” Partner – That’s Where It All Started

Renown for removing their ecological carbon footprint. Our partnership with BELLA+CANVAS to produce the best personalized gifts is highly based on environmental impact on our part.

An energy-smart washing machine can save more water in one year than one person drinks in their entire lifetime. (source)

Our techniques have a lot to do with the environment that can’t be underestimated. How we ensure less water wastage:
  • Techniques we use for dyeing of fabrics consumes 7 times less water than the average
  • Utilizing eco-friendly dyes for apparels
  • Thanks to efficient machines - led us to save 24 million gallons a week
  • And the used water has been – recycled and reused to eliminate wastage
  • Dye waste, is burned in a controlled space to avoid releasing smoke out in the atmosphere

Switch from incandescent light bulbs to energy-efficient light bulbs and you’ll use almost 75% less energy.(source)

  • Prioritizing controlling and reducing CO2 emissions
  • Production activities – sewing and cutting are supported by solar power
  • Installed motion-sensor LED – requires nine times less energy than ordinary ones
People are adopting zero waste as a lifestyle. Owing to its benefits like, reduction of climatic impact, pollution and helpful in conserving resources. Hence, the zero-waste approach is a must. Take a look at significance ofzero waste lifestyle among respondents in Indonesia as of January 2020:
  • Very important/urgent – 72%
  • Quite important – 22%
  • Neutral – 5%
  • Not important – 1%

About 20 to 50 million metric tons of electronic waste is produced globally annually. Out of this, only 11.4% is recovered for recycling, but very little of this actually gets recycled. The rest ends up in landfills.(Source)

  • Almost everything used in production is recycled e.g., plastic, excess fabric
  • The left materials are either recycled or reused for baby bibs, bean bags to name a few
Steer Clear of Waste
    To produce less waste, we only start production after you place your order with us. This approach ensures that manufactured clothes that aren’t used will not be reaching landfills.
    In partnership with brands that has a reputation for being an eco-conscious printing brands that highly value sustainable outlook at both production and corporate levels. What’s better than getting high-quality customized prints that neither harm nor leads to zero waste to reach landfills. The equipment/techniques are:
    • DTG Printing – direct-to-garment
      DTG printing is a great way to eliminate overproduction. A healthier option in comparison to the conventional printing method.
    • Kornit Printers
      The Kornit printers contributes to lowering the carbon footprint via using minimum energy and generating zero wastewater.
    • It uses water-based vegan inks to dye – that has undergone several tests to maintain the top-notch quality.
    • Inks/dyes are non-hazardous, biodegradable, toxin-free, and consist of no animal by-products.

  • Share of people’s holiday spending on sustainable gifts in Canada, in 2019:
    • Recyclable gifts, 30 %
    • Reusable items, 27%
    • Green products, 19%
    Shown, 30% of their holiday budget was spent on recyclable gifts, followed by reusable and green products.
    Our facilities - Class A certified
    • Recycling paper, cardboard, plastic, and batteries
    • Usage of energy-efficient LED lights in offices and fulfillment Centers
    • Striving for positive changes - we are always striving to find and indulge in impactful practices that is in favour of sustainability.
    • Striving for positive changes - we are always striving to find and indulge in impactful practices that is in favour of sustainability.

    3) Give Sustainability the Green Light by Helping Others

    • Returned items are donated to a charity of your choice
    • Damage or misprinted items will go to animal shelters for their use

    4) Making Gift-Giving Sustainably Productive

    Consumer's share in purchasing sustainable gifts, Christmas spending in the UK (2020) with age group:
    1. Age group, 18-24 – 65%
    2. Age group, 25-34 – 55%
    3. Age group, 35-44 – 47%
    4. Age group, 45-54 – 35%
    5. Age group, 55-64 – 35%
    6. Age group, 65+ – 32%
    • Giving gifts that make sense to the receiver, something they can use in their everyday lives, rather sending it to landfills without even using them. If their practical need is fulfilled chances are that they’ll not buy that particular item.
    • Go for the durable items that will last longer – economically made such as eco-tote bag, steel water bottle so on…
    • There are plenty of alternatives when it comes to green gifting to promote sustainability hence, all the products at GiftAFeeling stands up to it.
    • Gift a positive effect: The receiver will appreciate your efforts thus be motivated to shift their habits as well.
    • Consider this, when you will give your kids sustainably produced gifts, they will get a sense of its importance and will be inspired to do so in the future.
    In the research conducted by Onur Bodur et.al, published in Journal of Consumer Research, has revealed that using a green product creates a “Warm glow” effect in users. Thus, sustainability making its way into retail marketplace. A “Warm glow” effect generates feel-good emotions in the user of green products. When we help others, we get a sense of accomplishment is what contributes to this effect. In their study it is explained that how green gifts are linked to the product enjoyment, perceived quality, consumer’s social worth.
    As per the research, it is also found that green products have a positive effect on receivers. Products under the green label have been more enjoyable to receivers and they are more likely to enjoy those products.
    Research says what consumers reported after using green products:
    • A higher sense of self-worth
    • Lower perception of social exclusion
    • Experienced warm glow feelings
    Our small step, in the right direction, can make a huge difference. The festive season should not be a burden to our environment Gifting is such a sweet act hence it should be devoid of causing any negative impact on Earth. It’s high time we start considering our unconscious practices that are causing harm. And this is a little something we all can do on our part. So, let’s start living sustainably.

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