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Meet Our Lead Graphic Designer!

Meet Our Lead Graphic Designer!

Vrushali Chavan |

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My keen interest and strong belief in visual communication allowed me to introduce myself as an Artist.

Although, I have a master's degree in computer application and have experience in developing fields. I always envisioned myself as an artist. Growing up, colors, images, crafts, music, and other such creative things had inspired me to create my designs. All credit goes to my mother, for giving me the ability to think outside the box and always inspiring me to create designs.

During my developer phase, to get the best of both worlds, I used to incorporate my creative ideas and developer's mind to produce some striking designs.

I quit my job to be with my family, so, it was quite a huge gap of 7 years approx.
Then, to turn my life around in a better way, I made up my mind to follow my dream. For that, I thought of enrolling myself in a short-term graphics and web designing course which was also linked to my developer field. After completing my "Graphics and Web Design (GWD)" from Arena Animation successfully, I started working as a freelancer along with my two friends establishing a small firm. We were lucky to get good orders of logos, websites, posts, and ads etc. Simultaneously we were applying for a job. Then I got a text from "GiftAFeeling" and they asked me to submit my sample work. I was offered an Internship for six months. I joined the company as an intern but becoming a permanent part of it was a blessing.

In the beginning I was a bit skeptical about the timings, work culture and the process. However, soon enough I realized that it is not a company, it's a family. Allowing me to work at my convenience lets me expand my ideas and have a great quality time with my family. Speaking of family, I would like to address Mr. Vinayak Mahajan. He never makes one feel cornered; he knows how to value his employees. He is courteous, affable and passionate. Thanks to the entire GiftAFeeling team for Encouraging and appreciating my work. With such a great friendly working environment I got an intuition that is going to last.

What keeps me going is seeing my kid picking up and taking interest in designing. I somehow motivated him to create his designs at such a young age. Taking my laptop away he said, "Mumma you just wait, I
will make a proper design for you". My kid getting inspired by my work was an emotional moment for me. So I started teaching him my designs in the form of colors, shapes, numerals, alphabets along with some good music. He also started enjoying the process and well grasps everything.

My husband also supports and contributes to my work by sharing his thoughts and ideas for the design. The designs I work on starts from getting the basic instructions for the particular design to sufficient research. My main intention is to always create my ongoing work a level higher than the previous one. Before I could submit my work, I approved my designs first and then asked my GAF team for opinions and feedback. Initially, I would keep my fingers crossed fearing how they would react, but Mr. Vinayak Mahajan and the GAF team's feedback are always full of positivity and sometimes constructive criticism which boosts and builds my confidence. Altogether, it's an outstanding experience to work with the
GiftAFeeling team and my Family team.

In the end, I would like to say, "I will always try to put my honest efforts to gift my feelings in the form of

Thank You,
Vrushali Sachin Chavan.

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