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Meet Jesse Siambi - Psychology Researcher

Meet Jesse Siambi - Psychology Researcher

GiftAFeeling Employee |

My name is Jesse Siambi and I am a student at Trent University in Ontario, Canada. My major is Psychology, focusing on social psychology and understanding the dynamic relationship between individuals and the people around them. With a background in research work documenting the
ways in which humans interact with each other.
I have a huge interest in the world of psychology, from a young age I have always been interested in ways we can help each other and how to better understand each other. I learned that psychology was deeper than basic conversation and to get a better understanding, I looked into understanding the ways in which humans interrelate in different parts of the world due to cultural influences/ norms. The science is based on what exactly humans seek out in the form of human interaction, what we expect, require and output into the world that greatly affects the society we live in today and the way in which people react to different stimuli and situations. I feel that The Shared Secrets Lab, GiftAFeeling would be a perfect utilization of my research and writing of social psychology as assessing gift-giving intertwines with the aspects of understanding the recipient of these gifts. I hope to write blogs and articles that help others understand themselves and the people around them better while also being a credible source to reference.

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