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Meet Braelyn Wettlaufer - Summer 2022 Psychology Intern at The Shared Secrets Lab

My name is Braelyn Wettlaufer, and I am a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Youth & Children’s Studies. Much of my previous research involves a focus on psychological disorders and the progression of symptoms. I am also interested in the study of mental wellbeing on an individual level, as well as the promotion of positive mental health. I am looking forward to expanding my horizons within the field of psychology to focus on the psychology of gift-giving. GiftAFeeling and The Shared Secrets Lab will provide me with the opportunity to facilitate conversation in order to better understand gift-giving and receiving from a psychological perspective. I am looking forward to applying my research and writing skills to the research in The Shared Secrets Lab and I hope I can bring a unique perspective to the field. Furthermore, I hope readers can feel connected to my work and learn something new along the way. 

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