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Meet Inara Nanji - Summer 2022 Psychology Intern at The Shared Secrets Lab


My name is Inara Nanji, and I am a recent Psychology graduate from the University of Calgary. Psychology encapsulates every aspect of our lives. There are very few things that are as fascinating yet as bewildering as the unique enigma of the brain. The insights gained in thought processing, motivations, and interactions along with many characteristics of human behaviour are what led me to pursue psychology. Undoubtedly, research has been an integral part of my undergraduate degree and I find myself frequently wanting to apply these skills on several platforms. I believe The Shared Secrets Lab, GiftAFeeling is one such platform where I can showcase my research and writing skills on how psychological theories intersect a concept as multi-faceted as gift-giving and receiving. Blogging is a fantastic way to generate personality and make GiftAFeeling more credible and accessible. I hope my writing can help achieve long-lasting bonds by building trust with the audience.

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