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Meet Mahaalakshmi - Sales Specialist, Canada Location at GIftAFeeling Inc.

About Mahaalakshmi: Mahaalakshmi is known for being passionate, diligent and loyal in both professional and personal life. She has 5 years of experience in sales promotion and business development. She is known inclined toward focusing on aligning her values, goals, ambition and company culture rather than the benefits, salary and incentives.    

"I joined GiftAFeeling Inc. as my values were aligning with the company. I'm a gift-giving person and would take it as relationship building art trying to connect people with 'feel good' emotions. I thought it is a great opportunity in this Sales Position given my experience and values going together. I like seeing people work with a purpose as you get motivated with a passion that keeps you going. Personally, in my free time, I love to draw and paint science-fictional avatars, write my own fan theories, hike, sing and play boardgames with my friends"

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