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The science behind perfect gifting - 5 attributes of an unforgettable gift!

The science behind perfect gifting - 5 attributes of an unforgettable gift!

Vinayak Mahajan |


"Research conducted by the University of Texas explained it quite evidently. When we hide our emotions we are making them intense."

Oftentimes, the majority of people find it hard to express what they feel towards a significant presence in their family, be it a parental figure or a love interest. Saying what you feel does not come easy for everyone but it does not mean that feelings should be left unexpressed. There are a lot of ways in which one can express them so naturally."

Gifting is one such way; it is one of the best ways through which you can let the other person know how much they mean to you.

1) Why do we feel good when we give gifts?

The Bible states that it is better to give than to receive (Acts 20:35). It gives the message that we are happier when we give. There is no denying the pleasure one receives from making others happy through giving. Similarly, the feeling of Gifting not only brings happiness to the receiver but also to the giver

According to psychology of gifting, the most eminent reasons why we give gifts are:
  • It helps in building relationships
  • It lets the receiver know you care
  • Expresses love and devotion
  • Acts as a symbolic connection between the giver and the recipient
  • To help someone out. Such as - charity

2) Why does the recipient feel happy when they receive a gift?

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” -Carl W. Buechner

The feeling of being appreciated and cared for is what makes the receiver feel joyful. They feel important and loved and these emotions build a strong connection with the giver and strengthen their relationship

3) How gift-giving can work wonders if done carefully and can also become a blunder if you take it for granted ?

For someone who has a hard time expressing their feelings, gift-giving works wonder for them. When we care about someone we try to go all the way to make it special and memorable for them and these are the efforts that let the other person know.

We all know how much we like it when somebody appreciates something you do. Similar is with gifting when we are in any kind of relationship expressing our feelings and emotions from time to time. For the recipient it is a sign that everything is going well.
How an ill-chosen gift can hurt your relationship?
As stated in the article, 'why Gift-Giving in a Relationship is Important' by Thrive Global. Gifts play a very important role especially when one desires to establish a healthy relationship. It is because gift-giving is a way to make your relationship strong and long-lasting. When we thoughtlessly pick a gift for a special person in our life it can make them feel that we do not care about them or that they are not as they are not valued.

Hence, choosing a gift should be done with care and thoughtfully. Gifting when done right can make your bond more deep and valued.

A wrong gift can indicate a lack of understanding or similarity between giver and receiver, therefore, harming the relationship. Studies by Murray and his colleagues have shown that gifts affect perceived similarity because finding a “Kindred spirit” is a significant idea to successful relationships accurately predicting relationship satisfaction.

Additionally, new research by Elizabeth W. Dunn at the University of British Columbia depicts that men and women react differently
How a good gift can strengthen your relationship?
Shown in research by ScienceDaily, it is always better to let other people know that you value and love them. It shows that you care and appreciate their existence. Studies show that the act of gift-giving gives the receiver insights into what the giver is thinking while selecting the gift.

Also, the right kind of gift shows that you care and you are not just gifting for the sake of giving. Your efforts are visible and they will always be appreciated by the receivers as long as you stick to the factors such as useful, long-term usefulness, personalization and experience.

Wharton school of University of Pennsylvania says a rational gift makes a durable impression. A great gift is something that will remind them of you whenever the gift is used

4) Why personalized gifts are a way to everyone’s heart?

"Whatever you do, you should do it with feeling”- Yogi Berra

Gifts neither items nor have they to be of huge monetary value. People do not like gifts because they are fancy. They like presents because they know that there is someone who gets them and admires their presence specifically in the giver’s life.

Revealed in EurekAlert! Science News, it is predicted that in the situation of gift-giving, gift givers and receivers focus on the gift receivers while thinking about the gift. Givers will select desirable gifts rather than a practical gift, meanwhile, the receiver focuses on practicality and usability of the gift.

It is shown that givers think about desirable or a fancy gift to ensure that it will be appropriate or will show that they care and will make them happy; however receivers in truth look for practical gifts that will make them happier.

Shown in EurekAlert! Science News that in a study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University to find out whether receivers are receiving gifts they want, and the research depicts that they don’t.

When given a choice of receiving a gift that has a sentimental value such as a photo of memory over a superficial gift such as a jersey from a favorite sports team, mostly givers choose superficial gifts that their recipient expects.

5) It's all about how you make others feel with your wise choice of thoughtful gifts

In the language of gifts by Deanna Washington: Gifts are not just items rather they are a symbol of our feelings and thoughts.

It is absolutely fine to stress about discovering that perfect gift. Generally, people tend to overthink when they are unable to make sure whether the receiver will love their gift or not or how they will react to it. Also, it is all right if you are flustered, worried and overthinking. We help you find gifts that will take away all your worries and concerns.

6) Understanding perspectives

Researches show that a giver and a recipient have contrasting perspectives concerning a valuable gift.

The former views a gift as something that will impress, surprise, or the receiver will be touched upon receiving a present whereas the latter sees it as something they can derive value from it over time. Hence, wrong choice of gift can leave the receiver dissatisfied.
How do we make sure you find your perfect gift?
  • Practical gifts that have usability
  • that will make them feel ecstatic
  • Help you find gifts that the receiver can never forget
  • Gifts that sets into their lifestyle and will make a difference
  • Gifts that are not going to end up on shelves gathering dust
  • Find personalized and thoughtful gifts – for a heart to heart connection
  • Gifts that will be treasured for years to come
  • Tested for durability to only give you the best so you can forward the best

7) A gift is something......?

In Garry Chapman’s 5 love languages — a gift is something you can hold in your hand and say. “Look, he was thinking of me” or, “She remembered me”.

A survey shows that around 68% of people view gift-giving as their love language.

Beyond doubt, gifts are all about letting the other person know what they mean to you. If you wish to tell them how exactly you feel about your significant other, family and friends even without having to utter any word. That is what gifts and GiftAFeeling are for.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart” ~ Helen Keller.

The act of giving is just as beautiful as the thought of giving it that cannot be measured but merely felt. Giving someone gifts is no formality. We make sure that the receiver is 100% satisfied or happy.
And how can we confirm it?
According to researches carried out by "BBC", "Univeristy of California",and "Clinical Psychologists" about "the psychology behind perfect gifting” there are 4 major attributes that make people love gifts.

"All the products at are extensively researched to fulfill the 4 attributes of a perfect gift by providing personalized uniqueness, practical-usefulness, unforgettable experience, and unmatched quality for a long-term satisfaction."

8) Why are pesonalized gifts better than ordinary ones?

When considering connections and feelings; personalized gifts are too good to be true.
  • It lets you express unconditional love
  • Makes people feel special and acknowledged
  • Helps you build healthy relationships
  • Express love for your significant other
  • Unique — It says “just for you”
  • One can treasure it forever
  • Personalized gifts suit everyone
Well, the benefits are never-ending so is the list. Here is the last reason to shop for personalized gifts. You will find gifts for every occasion or every mood. Then grab the opportunity to find everything at once at GiftAFeeling.

9) Thoughtful gifts for every occasion

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