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Meet Suprabh Kesav - Psychology Researcher

Meet Suprabh Kesav - Psychology Researcher

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My name is Suprabh Kesav, I completed my graduation in psychology from the University of Western Ontario. Along with Psychology, I love digital marketing, so soon after my graduation, I worked with various companies, helping them with different aspects of the business. However, I believe most of my skills were based on the things I learned from psychology and the human mind, so I quickly realized the importance of psychology in my life. I am extremely excited to work for The Shared Secrets Labs, GiftAFeeling, especially because the research paper I focused on during the last year of my university was based on the importance of gift-giving. Having an opportunity to expand on what I believed in is nothing less than a dream come true. I am excited and would love to expand on the things I’ve learned and will learn during this journey through our blog articles and research papers.

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