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Meet Bismah Qureshi - Summer 2022 Psychology Intern at The Shared Secrets Lab


Hi! My name is Bismah Qureshi and I am an International Student at York University. I’m an Honors Psychology Student, aiming to specialise in clinical psychology. 

While I am studying psychology, my interests are spread out across many different fields. I love business and being an entrepreneur (every morning I have another crazy business idea). I have closely worked in the field of education and social impact which is another passion of mine. I have also recently dipped feet in technology and startups, allowing me to be more creative and think outside of the box. When I think about it the common denominator across all my interests is people. I am so intrigued by the intricacies present within the human mind. Our actions, thoughts and beliefs can be so fascinating when explored properly. 

This opportunity at The Shared Secrets Lab excited me tremendously mainly because of the freedom and ability to explore human psychology and gift giving in areas that are untapped. I look forward to utilizing my research and writing skills to spread some knowledge and expand the realm of gift giving. 

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