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Bel-Air Agate Natural Coaster Bel-Air Agate Natural Coaster

Bel-Air Agate Natural Coaster Bel-Air Agate Natural Coaster

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Quantity: Bulk (up to 8000 units)

Product Description

Each coaster will have variation in size, color, rings and design because they are natural stone. This is not a flaw or defect but the nature of the product and part of their natural beauty. This coaster features unique and beautifully enhanced natural agate coasters. These pieces lend an air of sophistication to any room. Highly polished and specially dye-enhanced to accentuate the natural beauty, they are also attractively edged in a gold finish to make them 'pop'.

Available in colours:

White, brown


Production Time: Please inquire

Packaging:pack bbk

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