How we make you money sitting home?

Get 10% of the sold price in your pocket

10% of the selling cost made from the sale would be yours! For example, if the sale is $100 then you'll get $10 on each sale. If 100 items are sold, you'll make $1000.

Gift people instead of saying thank you

Gift people something every time you want to thank them, ALL FOR FREE! Thank you's have become a cliche's, we all know it. 

Share their satisfaction and happiness

Our gifts are proven to be loved with unmatched premium quality, personalization (connecting hearts to hearts) and usefulness.

Profit for 1 entire year & then renew!

Once you're setup you can make money doing nothing for a complete year! Just register once and enjoy profits sitting on your couch! 

People will remember you forever

Research has shown that people never tend to forget what you gift them! And in this case, the gift is on us, you just have to share it.

Research-driven & proven gifts

All the gifts at GiftAFeeling are based on research done by University of Berkeley, BBC, and clinical psychologists; thus, they are proven to be loved!

GiftAFeeling - Sample Gift Card

How does it work?

Create your personalized coupons to gift people!

Register a personalized coupon with up to 25% discount or $20 gift for free. The coupon can be called "GIFT-FROM-your_name".

For instance, if your name is Alex, you can create a coupon called "GIFT-FROM-ALEX" or anything you'd like. 

Now, you can gift this coupon to anyone as a thank you or a gesture of appreciation or any other thing you can think of. The person who buys using your personalized coupon will get a 25% discount or $20 (depending on what you choose) and you will earn 10% of the cost of the product. 

The 10% will be send to your account at the end of every month. 

How to register?

Registering for "earning money from us" is very easy. 

Just click on the button below to go to the form like one shown here. Fill in your Name, email address and the message. Message can be how much discount you would like to gift to the receiver (default discount is 25%). 

Please note that the max discount you can offer is 25% or $20. 

Click here to register!
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All the products at GiftAFeeling are extensively researched to fulfill the four attributes of a perfect gift by providing personalized uniqueness, practical-usefulness, unforgettable experience, and unmatched quality for a long-term satisfaction.

These attributes are based on the research conducted by University of Berkley, BBC, and clinical psychologists on "The science behind perfect gifting".

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