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No longer sitting on the shelf, gift something useful - Apply these research based tactics!


If you ever wondered why common gifts are not received with the same enthusiasm by the receiver with which they gave them. Time to re-think and find out why that is. But since you are here we can help you give a gift that will excite the receiver and appreciate you more. If you want to give a gift as a pro, think practically.

1) Why Should We Give Practical Gifts?

It feels great to givers when the receiver can thoroughly use their gift, chiefly in their day-to-day lives. Whilst looking to reveal affection to someone, expensive or luxurious gifts are not always the answer. One can easily make a utile gift exceptional by personalizing it to fit the receiver. Isn’t it an amazing feeling to know that you will always remain in the receiver’s mind every time they will use your gift? Isn’t it the whole point of gift-giving?

A well-chosen practical gift will reflect the receiver that you know them well, respect and pay attention to their needs. On the contrary, a luxuriously great gift without any practicality can make the receiver question whether you even pay heed to them. Attention is a great way to create an impact in gift-giving.

2) What is a practical gift?

Not every gift you deem as useful is practical for everyone as needs and interests differ from person to person. A gift is the only function of the receiver when they can truly utilize it to solve a problem in their life, no matter how small.

For example:
A new phone might look useful to you but the receiver does not require another phone rather they require let’s say a new duvet. In such a scenario the receiver will appreciate you giving the latter rather than a new phone.

Another point to note is that decorative items are overused as gifts in the past which makes them dull gifts. Opting for gifts with utility adds freshness and excitement to gift-giving for both the receiver and the giver. A gift such as a blanket which is used by everyone at some point makes it a practical gift idea.

  • A practical gift is something the receiver plans on buy in future
  • Something he/she needs
  • Solves a problem for the receiver
  • The recipient can use it in their daily lives
  • A gift that is not an item you can put on showcase; it is meant to be used

3) How to avoid giving an impractical gift?

  1. Look for functionality, a gift that can be used and the receiver can derive a value from it.
  2. Primarily focus on what the other person wants or has been saying they need.
  3. If you already know what they need then it's awesome. Make it even greater by personalizing it
  4. Forget about gift being fancy

4) Why is it important to discover practical gifts?

“Because gifts don’t express appreciation, people do. And when people don’t express it, neither do their gifts.”

Harvard Business Review, the Real Point of Gift-Giving
Studies have shown that people tend to choose the gifts that emerge to be more desirable and impractical whereas the receiver prefers its usability.

Studies have also shown that any discrepancy that occurs between what the givers gift and what the receiver values are because givers choose the gifts by focusing on the moment when the gifts will be exchanged, however, a receiver’s main focus is how handy a gift will be once it is owned by them. Hence it is important to give according to the receiver’s needs. It is not always necessary that have to choose a fancy gift to impress the other person, a simple yet handy gift will do more wonders

People had picked more practical gifts; this was revealed by a survey by in a survey by statista in 2014:
  • 51.3% of retailers anticipated practical gifts to be most purchased for Christmas.
  • 11.9% of people were expected to purchase luxurious gift items.

5) Why are practical gifts special?

“The most important thing in the exchanging of gifts is it shows that you really know the person well, and you really care about them”

Psychologist at San Francisco state university Ryan Howell told live science Through the quality and the type of gift you give, the receiver can make out what value they hold in your life. If your gift was last minute and odd it would reflect badly on you. The part that makes functional gifts successful and special is that it shows greatly how close you deem them to be and how well you know the other person.

6) Why are useful gifts better than other types of gifts?

    Items such as fancy showcase gifts often stay for only a short time. They take up space and are not of any particular utility. The recipient will sooner or later get bored of it and choose to let it go. However, when you give someone an item such as a coffee mug that to personalized for them, they will keep it around much longer as it is helpful to them.

    Picking up old-fashioned cards and a bouquet won't always suffice and does not work when the impact is what one is looking for. A convenient to use gift might be common such as household items but they will excite the receipt nonetheless. The usefulness of the gift takes away the dullness from the gift-giving from the gifting experience

    We don’t have to stress about finding a unique gift for a close one so that they can enjoy it. Bring practicality into gift-giving because the utility of a gift will always overpower uniqueness.

7) “Unforgettable” Practical Gift Ideas

    Old school bucket hat are the most sought-after gift in our “Caps & Hats” category. In virtue of its easygoing profile, it suits most of the outfits and looks decent. Personalize to put across your message. And your whole look will look pulled together while elevating your casual looks.
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    The silver stainless travel mug is perfect for someone who is always on the go. a great and thoughtful option you can use for office, work and travel purposes. Write a special message so that they can always remember you. Enjoy hot chocolate, tea and coffee; it will become their favourite mug. A mug is an eco-friendly option due to its stainless steel construction.
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    Who doesn’t like wearing a hood and why not, they are fashionable and trendy. They are exceptionally comfortable, warm and soft. An excellent athleisure option that will suit everyone. Your personalized message will be as warm as the message.
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    Get better at expressing in an awe-inspiring way. Delicate in texture Plush fleece blanket offers a velvety and warm irresistible feeling. From working to duvet days, it will become everyone’s go-to lightweight blanket. Along with a heartfelt message, this one will make a perfect sentimental personalized gift.
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    Backpacks are cool and they are for everyone. Whether it’s for a student, office-goer or hikers, its functionality and convenience will suit everyone. Then, why don’t make it more enthralling with the personalized text of your choice embroidered on it. Organize and secure all your things such as laptops, books, even tiny things that are risky to lose.
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