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These 4 Demographics and Personality Types Will Ensure You Gift Efficiently.


Something as fascinating as the field of psychology, the study of human personality is even interesting and exciting, not just among the people in psychology but almost by everyone. Personality can be defined in different ways, but simply as a pattern of self-behavior, cognition, and emotional reactions which are influenced by our biology and social interaction. Our personality evolves as we grow and learn to interact with our surroundings. Similarly, some traits of personality we learn from our interactions with our environment and from socializing. Once people understand their personality or some aspects of it, it becomes easy to make decisions and make sense of many things. We can use this understanding of personalities to improve our interpersonal communication skills, and thus strengthen and positively impact our relationships. We can use this understanding of personalities if we closely observe the way we react, our likes and dislikes, and what we look for in a relationship. In this way, we can choose what to give our loved ones by understanding their personalities. One of the most widely used personality measures is the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator. Based upon the work and theory of Carl Jung, the mother-daughter duo Katherine Cooks Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers developed this personality measure during the 1940s. To help women understand their personalities and choose their professions, likewise The research was conducted in the 1940s and1950s, which allowed many people to benefit from this personality measure.

Giving gifts is of utmost importance. Exchanging gifts improves our mental well-being, and releases happy chemicals in our brain. If the recipient of the gift likes the gift, it improves their mood, hence it releases endorphins as well as dopamine, which makes us feel good and stabilizes our mood.

Giving and receiving gifts also reduces anxiety levels because it is associated with the release of happy chemicals, which reduce blood pressure and make the person feel relieved of stress and anxiety. Giving and receiving gifts produces a similar response as well, and makes individuals feel confident.

The measure uses four preferences used by individuals to help give us an understanding of our personality. These personality preferences were introduced by Carl Jung, and he suggested the following preferences.
  • Introversion vs. extroversion: these preferences indicate what energizes individuals. Do they prefer going out, or are they inclined toward introspecting and staying indoors? This does not state that extroverts cannot stay at home or alone, and introverts lack the confidence to go out and socialize. This reference refers to the fact that socializing and the outside world energizes extroverts, and introspection and the internal world excite introverts.
    • Introverts prefer quiet time and that is one of the things they look for in a relationship, whether it's a friend or a spouse. An introverted person wants to spend time with their loved ones, so keeping that in mind, it makes sense that they would not prefer an extravagant present but something simple. Giving them something that would allow them to enjoy their time by themselves could be a good option. Books, something creative such as art pieces, paint if they are into resting something.
    • Extroverts enjoy social gatherings and get their energy from the outside world. They enjoy adventures and learning new things, just like they enjoy making new friends. Giving them something that would allow them to adopt a new hobby and help them with their outdoor activities could prove helpful. Extroverts like to be the center of attention, anything which shows them that they are very much the center of attention. They enjoy spending time with people; a board game or something that helps them engage with people could be an interesting gift.
  • Sensing (S) vs. Intuition (N), these preferences help indicate the way people gather information. Sensing people use their senses to understand which piece of information they want to process. On the other hand, intuitive people go for feelings, the sensing type individuals gather information based on their feelings, they look for patterns and impressions, they are drawn towards abstraction. No one person is a pure sensing type or intuitive type, but simply people tend to prefer one over the other. Sometimes a sensing type can choose intuition over their senses and vice versa.
  • Thinking (T) vs. Feeling (F), Individuals who prefer to make decisions through rationality and logical analysis. Statistics and the ground realities are the focus of their decision-making process. The feeling types choose their emotions and feelings when it comes to making decisions.
  • Judging (J) vs. Perceiving (P). These aspects of personality show how individuals choose or prefer to solve their problems. This suggests that this is their dominant way of looking at the world and then dealing with it. The judging type is like a framework and structure to deal with the world. They are the ones who make plans and prepare for life. Perceiving types are more open to experiencing other people. Going with the flow is their way of doing things. They are good at adjusting to changes, and hence are good at adapting.

Personalities and gifts

  • The analyst type, The dominant intuition (N) and thinking (T) traits in people are very rational and logical. They analyze and evaluate things before they make a decision or take a step. They enjoy making plans and like to have structure and make plans in life.
    • One of the reasons that they might not be very fond of surprises is that they seek stability and tend towards pre-planning. This can be helpful while choosing gifts for them, which is not to go way out of the box.
    • Give them something relevant to their interest. It has special meaning for them because they seek learning and knowledge.
    • They are also curious about how something is made. Something refined or something homemade also makes them utterly happy
    • Because of their intuitive traits, they are inclined to enjoy gifts that have unique packaging or wraps.
  • The diplomat type, This type is known to have a dominant preference for feeling (F) and intuition (N). These individuals are idealists and very compassionate. They are the ones who believe in standing for those who cannot stand for themselves. They have an artistic and creative side to their personalities and they are also looking for spiritual symbols. The following can be kept in mind when gifting something to these individuals.
    • They prefer to enjoy the thought process that goes into creating something, so they are likely to value the concern of the giver giving them the present. They might enjoy and adore a handwritten note, a personalized piece of art or jewelry, or anything that shows that it’s put together for them.
    • They enjoy reading, so anything associated with it will make them happy, such as a scented candle or the latest edition of their favorite book. Anything that has the taste of their favorite things is also likely to be highly valued.
    • Because of their love for art, they enjoy creative endeavors as well. Giving an old or rare music record, or painting or writing journals could be a good choice of gift for them.
  • The sentinel type, This type has dominant sensing and judging traits and they are rational as well as very observant in almost everything they do. They look into facts and statistics as well as much evidence to support any notion. These individuals believe that less is more and so prefer minimalism. They are very practical and look for order in life.
    • They value past experiences, so something vintage or something that makes them think and cherish the past is a good choice as a present.
    • Because they are practicing something that can be used, it is also a very good option to be given as a present. A coffee machine, a bookshelf, anything which they can use is likely to make them happy.
    • Their preferences are inclined towards the classics, so anything of that sort, such as a classic tea set or flower vase, would be a good choice
  • The explorer type,
  • These are the people who are known for having dominant sensing (S) and perceiving (P) traits, as well as a desire to try new things and be creative.They are very genuine and good at adapting to new situations.
    • They are likely to enjoy the gifts that suit their interests. It is least likely to make them sad. They never get enough of what they like, so this makes it easy to choose a gift for them.
    • Because of their sensing traits, they like things that are used constructively, so gifts that could be used will make them happy. They enjoy the feeling of contentment, so something cozy of this sort will be a good option.
    • They love to be appreciated, so anything that praises them would be pretty much loved by them. Something about them, such as a portrait or something that appraises them, is a great choice.
These personalities and such studies help us understand ourselves and others, which gives us a framework for our behavior. So why not use this framework to make our loved ones happy.

Warda Raza,
Psychology Blogger,
GiftAFeeling Inc.

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