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Meet Megan Lee - Lead Psychology Researcher at GiftAFeeling Inc.

Meet Megan Lee - Lead Psychology Researcher at GiftAFeeling Inc.

GiftAFeeling Employee |

My name is Megan Lee and I am a recent graduate from the University of Western Ontario in Canada with a major in Psychology, my academic background focuses mostly on research work. Growing up as an individual, I always felt fulfilled when can help others. Making a difference in my community is something that drives me every day. I am always searching for a career that has meaning as well as being constantly challenging, diverse and rewarding. Working as a psychology blogger and publisher at GiftAFeeling, I have acknowledged that writing is another platform to help people feel connected, empowered and energized. Blogging about how to give people perfect gifts and explore the underpinning psychological theories and aspects allows me to express ideas and topics that I want to share with people. I loved blogging as I can keep content fresh and give me opportunities to build trust and credibility with my audience. GiftAFeeling provides me with a great opportunity to increase awareness and understand how gifting can change people’s lives and well-being. Writing psychology blogs allow me to help people understand themselves better, but also a great way to take my expertise to a new level.

"Megan understands the in's and out's of gifting psychology for both B2C (individual gift-giving) and B2B (giveaways, corporate gift-giving) segments. Kudos to Megan on taking on the lead role in B2B gifting domain and I am sure her expertise in psychology will help her as well as GiftAFeeling perform successful and thorough research in this new segment". - Vinayak Mahajan, Founder & CEO, GiftAFeeling Inc.

Here are Megan's top 5 publications: 

1) Has Giftophobia had increased or decreased due to the pandemic, and will it continue in the future?

2) Why It's Better to Give Than Receive? - See What Psychologists Say

3) Gifting in Pandemic - What's Changed and What's Working.

4) Unusual Gift-Giving Patterns: Over-Giving

5) Corporate Gifting and Psychology Co-relations

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