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Meet Ally Hatcher - Psychology Researcher

My name is Ally Hatcher, and I am a student at McGill University. I major in Psychology and minor in Behavioral Sciences and Art History. I have always been incredibly passionate about psychology, specifically its behavioral aspect through social, abnormal, and developmental psychology. I find that there is nothing more rewarding than the ability to understand people and thus learn how to help each other. Individuals are complex. We have unique backgrounds, feelings, emotions, thoughts, and experiences. These shape who we are and how we behave and interact with others and our environment. As much as I find this fundamental, I feel that everyone and anyone would benefit from understanding people better, and GiftAFeeling has given me the unique opportunity to do so. 
The Shared Secrets Lab and GiftAFeeling have not only given me the ability to share my writing and research skills but also a platform to learn from others and challenge myself. I am looking forward to the ability to express and elaborate on psychological ideas surrounding gift-giving between businesses and individuals. Through my research papers and blogs, I hope to establish a relationship and connect with various audiences. Most importantly, I hope to encourage conversations surrounding the psychology of gift-giving.

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