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15 Best DIY Gift Ideas For BF That Are Guaranteed To Be Loved

Gifts are an important part of a relationship, whether they are material or experiential. Although there isn’t a golden standard that can help you understand what constitutes a bad or good gift, there are things that you should always keep in mind before buying something for your special one.
  • A surprise is good only if it matches the receiver's preferences.
  • Gifts that do not reflect the receiver's identity are less appreciated.
  • Buying a present for your partner should not be taken as a task to complete.
These are just some general points to follow but if you are interested in understanding the effects of bad gifts in a romantic relationship you can read my research on this topic under the Shared Secrets where all other gift psychology research has been published.

Luckily there is one way to tackle all the points listed above. You should impress your boyfriend with a DIY personalized gift. The process of personalization can engage you in the creation of the gift, raising your motivation to surprise your boyfriend with something made uniquely for him that will match his taste. Here’s a list of 15 DIY gift ideas for BF (Boyfriend) that might be useful for you during Christmas, Valentine’s day, Birthdays and anniversaries.

Step-by-step Guide

If you are new to GiftAFeeling you can follow this step-by-step guide toward the personalization of your product. If you are a pro-user, feel free to skip it and go directly to the products section. This is what you see when you click on the link to the chosen product:
  • Choose the color of your product.
  • Pick the perfect size for your boyfriend
  • Select the design that inspires you the most.
  • Finally, you can make your gift even more unique by adding customized text to it.
To get the best experience try experimenting with various combinations of colors and designs to make something unique that the receiver won’t easily forget.

For each product on this list, I associated a picture of that product personalized by me to give you an example of what that product could look like. Whether you like my examples or think they are complete garbage (which would make me really sad), you can always click on the product link and try to personalize it yourself.

1. Personalized Short Sleeves T-shirt For Him

Source: GiftAFeeling

I would like to start this list with our Personalized Short Sleeves T-shirt For Him Clothes are evergreen when it comes to gift-giving. If you know the receiver well enough, and I think that’s the case, you will be able to provide them with something useful that meets his style. You can choose among 8 colors and sizes, ranging from S to 5XL. You can choose from a pool of 23 designs, try mixing various colors and designs until you find the one you think your boyfriend would like the most.

2. Personalized Long Sleeves T-shirt For Him

Source: GiftAFeeling

Knowing what kind of clothes your boyfriend wears is crucial. Not everyone is into Short Sleeves T-shirts, if that is the case for your boyfriend do not worry because this Personalized Long Sleeve T-shirts For Him made from ultra-smooth American Apparel cotton will definitely make him happy. You can choose among 7 colors and 8 sizes, ranging from S to 5XL. Scrolling through the different designs you will be able to create a unique and comfortable present for your boyfriend.

3. Personalized Hoodies For Him

Source: GiftAFeeling

If your boyfriend prefers a more laid-back look, this Personalized Hoodies For Him is the present for you. Make it a unique winter suit by adding whatever text you like to it. It will not only look cool, but it will also protect him from cold days. Thanks to the 23 designs available on our site you can create the style that will perfectly fit your boyfriend’s preferences. Some designs also give you the possibility to upload a picture from your computer that will be printed on the hoodie. The quality of the fabric is amazing. It comes in 5 different colors, one more beautiful than the other. There are sizes from literally everyone, going from S to 5XL.

4. Personalized Metal Initial Monogram For Him

Source: GiftAFeeling

A Personalized Metal Initial Monogram For Him is something simple but stylish at the same time. I am delighted to say that all of our metal wall art is created in the United States. You can rely on the highest quality and the fastest shipment time. This object is laser cut from mild steel and powder coated so that it can be hung indoors or outdoors. High quality, long-lasting, and will not decay. There are 3 types of metal, black, silver and copper, and 4 dimensions:
Product Details:
  • 15 - 14.5" x 6.06"
  • 18 - 18.5" x 7.7"
  • 24 - 23.5" x 9.8"
  • 30 - 29.8" x 12.4"

5. Personalized Embroidered Backpack For Him

Source: GiftAFeeling

This Personalized Embroidered Backpack For Him combines usefulness and excellent looks with a gorgeous design along a padded back and adjustable shoulder straps. Carry anything from a 15-inch laptop to books in the two-way zipped main section, and keep your phone and keys safe in the front zip pocket. A great bag if your boyfriend goes to college or works in an office. This backpack is available in two neutral hues, anthracite and gray marl, and will work with any outfit you wear. This product, made of polyester cloth, will not shed its color. This is a cool method to display your personalized text.

6. Personalized Embroidered Champion Packable Jacket For Him

Source: GiftAFeeling

This Personalized Embroidered Champion Packable Jacket For Him will keep your boyfriend warm and dry in the winter. A practical and portable choice to have on hand while traveling. This wind and rain-resistant polyester jacket has a useful hood, front kangaroo pocket, and zipped pouch pocket that can be pulled out and used to scrunch the jacket into for convenient storage. A packable jacket would be an ideal Valentine's Day gift for him. The packable jacket is the ideal combination of usefulness and style. Make it personal with one of the 23 designs and 8 colors available. The 5 sizes range from S to 2XL.

7. Personalized Photo & Name Engraved Tag Chain For Him

Source: GiftAFeeling

This Personalized Photo & Name Engraved Tag Chain For Him is definitely one of the best DIY gift ideas for BF thanks to its uniqueness. I bet that you won’t find something like this in ordinary stores. You can choose two types of metals for the tag chain, 316 steel, and 18k gold. It comes with an adjustable necklace chain and is water resistant. Your picture and text will be laser engraved on the tag, this technique makes it possible for this gift to last for a long time.

8. Personalized Hats For Him

Source: GiftAFeeling

This stylish Personalized Hats For Him will give your boyfriend a confident appearance. This eye-catching cotton cap makes a terrific personalized birthday present. It's also a great present for someone who enjoys caps, sports, and dressing in a casual style. The cap is ideal for sunny days and informal outings. This baseball hat comes in two different ranges of sizes S/M and L/M, you can further regulate it to make it fit every head size. Some people can’t live without wearing a baseball hat. If the person you are thinking about is one of those people you can't miss this product. You can personalize the style of your text with 8 designs.

9. Personalized Beanies For Him

Source: GiftAFeeling

Some people are more into beanies rather than baseball hats. Our Personalized Beanies For Him is made from 100% turbo acrylic hypoallergenic fabric which provides extreme durability, and comfort. Nothing says "perfectly cozy" like it's expanding fabric. Perfect for both outdoor and indoor activities. This beanie is 12" long and fits comfortably over your ears. You can personalize it with the name of your boyfriend, have a look at the 8 different font designs and pick your favorite. Match it with one of the 6 colors and the game is done.

10. Personalized Blankets For Him

Source: GiftAFeeling

This Personalized Blankets For Him are silky, ultra-soft, and warm. This Sherpa Blanket has been particularly created to make an excellent winter present. It is superior to other blankets in that it does not shed minks and lasts a long time. It is lightweight, which allows for a good night's sleep and makes it easy to transport on vacations. This gift will become his favorite winter item, from lounging down on sofas to doing excursions. This is actually one of those gifts that will make both of you happy - imagine laying in bed with your boyfriend all cuddled up in this blanket. As you can see in the example, you can choose to upload a picture from your laptop, but you can also pick one of the 4 designs available. This blanket comes in 7 colors and one size.

11. Personalized Laptop Sleeve For Him

Source: GiftAFeeling

Whether your boyfriend is a student, worker, or maybe gamer he will need something to protect his laptop. This Personalized Laptop Sleeve For Him is designed to suit generally slender laptops and is secured with a zipper. It features a lightweight texture and is water-resistant, so it will keep your boyfriend’s laptop safe from spills at your desk. This brightly colored laptop sleeve gives the laptop a unique flair while also protecting it. Be sure to select the right size for the sleeve according to the actual size of your boyfriend's laptop. You will find three choices, 10, 13, and 15 inches. The sleeve comes only in white but you can personalize it either by uploading a picture from your computer or by choosing from the 4 designs available on GiftAFeeling.

12. Personalized Mugs For Him

Source: GiftAFeeling

These Personalized Mugs For Him are made from high-quality ceramic, which provides it with a uniform and glossy look. What’s great about this mug is that you can go crazy with the personalization. You can choose from 7 colors and 7 designs but you can also upload a picture from your computer and have it printed on it! In the example displayed, I choose the glasses and mustache design which can be personalized by changing the frame of the glasses and the color of the mustaches. Finally, you can decide to have the name of your boyfriend written on it along with a special date to remember.

13. Personalized Travel Mugs For Him

Source: GiftAFeeling

Here we have another kind of mug. Different from the previous one, this Personalized Travel Mugs For Him is made of stainless steel, which makes it solid and durable. The compact design makes it fit perfectly in any kind of backpack or bag. Whether your loved ones are always bouncing from train to train for work or whether they love to go camping under the stars in the holiday season, this item is a must-have. The useful potential of this travel mug is enhanced by the possibility to personalize it with 9 unique designs and 10 colors.

14. Personalized Engraved Silver Bar String Bracelet For Him

Source: GiftAFeeling

This Personalized Engraved Silver Bar String Bracelet For Him Bracelet blends the exquisite complexity of a sterling silver pendant with the rough surface of a string base, making it the ideal present for anybody searching for something a little different. Make your jewelry more special by personalizing it with our customization tool for a memory he'll treasure. This engraved bracelet can be worn daily and will not lose its luster. You can choose between 4 coatings for the bracelet: Black Rhodium coating, 18K Rose Gold coating, White Rhodium coating, and 24K Gold coating.

15. Personalized Watch For Him

Source: GiftAFeeling

I kept the best for the end. Here I present to you one of our best selling products on GiftAFeeling. A personalized gift that can withstand constant use, this Personalized Watch For Him is the perfect gift for the special men in your life. Perfect to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays, it's a versatile piece sure to warm hearts and create smiles. Featuring a three-dial face, calendar function, and luxury pointer in a water-resistant and scratch-proof vessel. You can personalize the back of this watch as shown in the picture with whatever text you like. A heartwarming phrase, the date of your anniversary on the title of your song, or whatever else is meaningful for your boyfriend. You can choose between two boxes, the standard one and the luxury one.

This was the last product from the list of the 15 best DIY gift ideas for BF. I hope you have found what you were looking for. Be back on GiftAFeeling for more gift suggestions. If your boyfriend is into zodiac signs - checkout my 8 best gifts for zodiac signs!

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