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My Experience of Running the Brand Ambassador Program @ GiftAFeeling.com

It's been three months that I've been associated with GiftAFeeling Inc as a Public Relations Associate and the time has flown by. Here, every day is different, every day I get the opportunity to do something different, talk to new people, learn from someone. I feel like I've been allowed to grow so much in my role because when I started I was mostly engaged with Media Relations and Social Media but then one fine day during a meeting, when we were discussing marketing with the help of Brand Ambassadors, I asked the CEO if I could commence the Brand Ambassadors Program and without a second thought, he said yes! During its existence, GiftAFeeling has created a bridge between learning and buying, based on research done on human psychology. With the vision to leave zero questions in the mind of people when they are gifting. Brand Ambassadors program at GiftAFeeling began with a vision to ensure our brand is consistently displayed and accessible to our target market. We needed sociable personnel to come to join us and help us in executing our program.

Working with Ambassadors and audiences is considered a day to day activity. GiftAFeeling ambassadors spread the company message by engaging continuously and beneficially with their local community. Most of these ambassadors are university students, so they are able to tap into the various societies within their university in an effective manner. Since it’s a virtual environment we constantly engage with our audience and people within the company. We tried to keep it more interactive by hosting online live talk events. It was a multicultural program, people from the USA, Canada, Africa, Southeast Asia joined to help us in going global. There were many hurdles such as communication barriers and time differences. But on the other hand, working with people from diverse backgrounds exposed us to different working styles and particularly, the flow of ideas was endless. It wasn’t the first multicultural program I've led in my career but I was very proud and amazed to see how everybody came together within the organization to make it happen. This diverse environment has challenged us and created a dynamic environment to grow.

During the entire duration of the program, ambassadors learned to lead from the front and develop essential skills like marketing & communication. From time to time, they participated in various fun activities and contests with a fair chance of winning bonuses interacting with people, promoting our brand with the exclusive Gift Cards. We've worked in various marketing events but now the entire industry is changing, it is very focused on Social Media Marketing and globalisation. I believe that this department is going to be one of the biggest growth engines for the company. This was an important program so there were a few ideas that have had the longevity and strength to help us in achieving the desired success over longtime. Several other comparatively creative and contemporary ideas have been profitable for the company. In the same pursuit the GiftAFeeling Ambassador program has been shifted to LinkedIn to make it more accessible for the general public. As it might prove to be a great way to build credibility for the organization. It may allow people to create and participate in dedicated discussion forums on moderated business-focused topics.

It was very exciting that the CEO chose me to lead the program and luckily I found some great brains to join us. Regardless of the program, product or mission, each program requires their ambassadors to embody the brand, spread the word and increase awareness. Therefore, each ambassador must be engaged and have a passion for the product. I want to appreciate and congratulate the Brand Ambassadors for joining us and believing in our brand and products. I don't think that this program could have been a success (still running) without them and I believe it's a win-win for them and us and we're very grateful for the relationship and we look forward to doing a lot more with them.

Esha Saxena,
Public Relations Associate
GiftAFeeling Inc.

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