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Hand Knitted Men's sweater Thor style

Hand Knitted Men's Sweater X-Men Style

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Hand Knitted Thor Men's sweater
✨Can be customised according to your choice.
✨Gift it to your father, brother, husband or boyfriend.
✨Gift wrapping available

100% Vegan Wool: All our products are made from 100% vegan wool. No harm has been done to any animal in order to produce the 100+ amazing colour shades we offer at.

Women-owned, women-run business We are a fully women-owned and women-run business with an experience of 12+ years in hand-knitting and crocheting woolen clothes. We specialize in making hand knitted clothes like, woolen sweater, cap, gloves, mufflers, baby suits, frocks, hoodie, thal posh, stool covers, socks, cardigans, baby blankets, etc. All these things are handmade by us.

Please email us at Hello@GiftAFeeling.com within 24 hours of placing the order for any personalization ideas/requests.


Shipping: 5-10 Business Days

Production Time: 5-10 business days.

Destination: We ship worldwide

Note: Please note that due to COVID restrictions, there might be delays of upto 1-2 weeks.

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Sizing Chart

Different size? Just email us your size at Hello@GiftAFeeling.com within 24 hours of placing the order for customized sizes

Size Chest Size (in cm) Front Length (in cm) Sleeve Length (in cm)
s 112 59.6 68.5
M 118 59.6 69.4
L 124 61.6 70.4
XL 134 61.6 72.4
XXL 144 63.6 74.4
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At GiftAFeeling, we take our responsibility to the planet seriously. That's why we've placed a strong emphasis on ESG (environmental, social, and governance) initiatives both internally and externally. We are committed to preserving the environment, from internal production and packaging innovation, to partnering with organizations that share the same values.