Sell Your Own Merch!

FREE Personalized Merchandise Store, FREE Personalized Products, FREE Personalized Gift Cards, FREE Personalized Coupons, 1 million+ High Profit Affiliate Signups, and much more! 

Am I eligible?

If you are a small or mid-sized business; an influencer - beginner or established; OR even have a 100 followers on any social media platforms AND if you want to be part of a community of thriving influencers and businesses that are making a real impact in this world, then - YES, you are eligible!  

How can I participate? There are 3 ways:

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Get the kick start and push you needed! 

What will you get?

  • CREATE YOUR OWN MERCHANDIZE STORE: Get your personalized merchandise store setup with any products of your choice. We'll handle all the inventory & shipping! 
  • EARN MONEY: Get your FREE personalized coupon code as well as affiliate link and earn up to 20% profit.
  • Get FREE guaranteed-to-work campaigns sent by GiftAFeeling. You just have to post!  
  • Get trainings and mentorship on how to plan, test, and run the campaigns.
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Become the face of the brand!

What will you get?

All from the "Associate", plus:

  • EARN MORE: Get sponsored giveaways from GiftAFeeling for FREE along with higher affiliate profits up to 30%.
  • Get up to 3 personalized store pages along with personalized campaigns.
  • Opportunity to get published on GiftAFeeling - share your USP, story, anything! 

How can you become one? 

  • Get a total 25 sales being a "Champion" using your personalized coupon code/gift card.
  • Get 5 affiliate signups
  • Run a total of 10 campaigns. 
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Earn money and own your dreams!

What will you get?

All of the "Champion", plus:

  • GET FUNDING: Opportunity to get your own ideas & initiatives funded and supported by GiftAFeeling! 
  • CREATE YOUR PERSONAL BRAND: Work with our team to create your own campaigns as you like them! 
  • EARN GREAT PROFITS: Earn even higher profits of up to 50%
  • Opportunity to get published in GiftAFeeling's Global Annual Partners Magazine.

How can you become one?

  • Get 100 sales using your personalized coupon overall! 
  • Get 10 affiliate signups - other influencers!
  • Run a total of 25 campaigns

If any of the above looks exciting to you 

Get started right now!

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