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How Personalized Gifts Can Make Someone Happy


How Personalized Gifts Can Make Someone Happy?

Since human life on Earth has begun, gift giving has existed. Embedded in a human's natural behaviour is love and generosity. These aspects drive the art of gift giving. Gifting through personalization is a gesture of exchanging sincere messages and valued feelings. Something that can be kept treasured forever and is adorned with a personal touch, is an amazing feeling that lasts a long time. Although, you may question, how do personalized gifts make someone feel a greater sense of happiness?

The Psychology behind Personalization and Emotion

As human beings, we are naturally inclined to prefer personalization and personalized experiences. Consider the way you watch your favourite shows… you open netflix and there's a list of movie/show recommendations catered to your interests and your liking! This improves your watching experience and makes you feel happier because it lets you know that your thoughts and preferences are being taken into account.

Non-personalization, in contrast, can be compared to a “one size fits all” t-shirt. You lack the feeling of importance because you know you just happened to be one of many recipients of that gift. However, having something tailored just to you, gives you a sense of control. Studies have shown that the illusion of control affects your psyche - making a person happier and healthier. In addition, when we receive personalized gifts, we are more likely to engage with it as we find it interesting and relevant. Hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin - all of which are our happy hormones, are released!

3 Ways Personalized Gifts Make Someone Happy

  1. Gives lifetime memories which can be treasured forever
  2. Common gifts such as flowers, chocolates and tech are forgotten easily and not appreciated as much because there’s no embellishment of a personalized touch. Personalized gifts like a mug with a picture of you and the recipient, or a necklace with the recipient's name and an important date for instance, tells a story of your relationship and how they make you feel. Invoked are these happy, cherishable memories which hold a small piece in the recipient's heart forever. Using these gifts everyday is like taking a float in the boat of recollection, empowering you to relive those moments!

  3. Builds Stronger Relationships
  4. Most gifts are given with intention to celebrate and acknowledge love for the recipient. It hurts to be disappointed with a gifting choice and can actually cause the recipient to feel irritated because their preferences have not been considered. Anthropologists and sociologists have found that this weakens relationships . The purpose of gift giving stems from the appreciation and gratitude for another person. Psychologists have applied the basics of science to building happier and healthier relationships, and found that nurturement and appreciation is key. In this modern century, human beings have become used to living in a materialistic world with instant gratification, hence, personalized gifts with meaning add a holistic feel.

    A gift which carries significance between two individuals conveys their sentiments and appreciation for the other person. Personalized gift giving directly touches the recipient's heart - it expresses a gesture of love, regard and respect for the unique individual they are. When you go out of your way to personalize a gift as per your special someone's preferences, it says a lot about who you are! You feel a burst of heartwarming energy. You become a selfless and caring individual because you are taking the time to find the best gift for the recipient. Studies explain that self-gratification and self-fulfillment are the underlying themes to gift giving and receiving.

  5. Giving and Getting Produces Happy Hormones
  6. Human beings find satisfaction from giving and getting, neurologists suggest. We always hear the saying, “Money can’t buy happiness!” However, neurologists and psychologists have spent years conducting quantitative and qualitative research to explain that money can certainly buy happiness, however, it must be spent in the right way; spend money on other people instead of ourselves. Consider owning a whole island alone. Although you have built an emotional attachment to this island, you won't find a greater sense of happiness because you are alone and want to share this island with someone else.

    Contrarily, if you buy something for another person, you build connections and conversations. Have you ever noticed that when you give someone something, you smile seeing their smile? This is a ripple effect of our brain. Within our brains there's a small subcortical structure known as the nucleus accumbens, which is also known as the “reward center of the brain”. When we see other people smile, this structure is activated and releases our happy hormones. Our brains produce similar euphoric feelings to the joy of falling in love or doing something you love.

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