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It's not just the initial enthusiasm - research proves long-term satisfaction is the key to gifting!



Thoughtful gifts are known to boost mood, build strong relationships and it is also a sign of being social. It’s a well-known fact that we feel happy from within when we give. Through our gifts we are giving, gratitude and feelings. It also gives a peek of our personality mainly when gift-giving is done among our friends and family. One can always feel content when their gifts are used for a long time and proved to be of practical benefit to someone that adds more to your happiness. GiftAFeeling, provides the gifts that have all these qualities.

2) Two main factors that make a personalized gift withstand the test of time:

    Quality is the most important aspect while considering a gift for anybody. Things as gifts that stay make a lasting impression on the receiver’s mind. Just like we build better and stronger relationships with people who stay with us for a long time; we build attachment and sentiments towards items that stay with us for a long time. The quality of the gift improves its life span giving it the chance to develop more likeliness from the receiver.
    Good quality gifts can be recognized from far away. It is a good way to tell the receiver that the giver cares about them, to get them a quality piece rather than getting them something feasible.
    Quality products are those which have the capacity of fulfilling consumer standards.
Here are some points which make a gift of good quality:
  • Solves a problem- If there are problems there are solutions; and for buying a high-quality gift, a gift should be useful to such an extent, it solves a receiver’s problem and proves beneficial for them in the long run. Product quality depends on the intensity of it solving your problem. So to make it more fun and a thoughtful gift, make sure you are personalizing it

  • Easy to use- The more convenient a product to use the better it is. High quality doesn’t mean it should be difficult to use or understand its use. We opt for things that are easy similar to products.

  • Looks refined – Whether its color, design, size, and font it should be aligned to make a product look neater.

  • Practical benefit – A gift that makes a difference in the recipient’s life therefore it is of a good use.

  • Personalized – Personalized gifts with the growing trend have become most appropriate option. A gift that comes from the heart will always be secured in the receiver’s heart. Hence, the item should be customized according to the receiver’s needs to form an impact.

“If you want your gift to be truly cherished, make it yourself!”

The Art of Gift Giving, by Shereen Elise Noon

3) Why it matters?

  1. Impression – the choice about how the gift is chosen can tell a lot about how one feels towards the person they are giving gifts to. While a good gift can tell them you care, a bad gift can do the opposite. For this reason, gift hunting is a careful process.

  2. Appreciation – when one selects the right kind of gift; a gift that suits the receiver they will always appreciate your efforts and thoughts that had been put into the process of finding the gift.

Below is the checklist of points to be covered to purchase a gift with potential long-term satisfaction for the receiver.

4) Characteristics of a long term satisfactory gift

  1. The gift is of receiver’s interest
  2. Nostalgic in nature- take the receiver to the past memories
  3. Solves a pain point for the receiver
  4. A packaging that gets the receiver excited for what’s in the inside
  5. Quality and strength

5) Ways to personalize a gift to make them exciting and satisfactory for the receiver

  • Add your own touch
    Personalize the gifts you choose according to your unique taste in colour, print, text to surprise the receiver.
  • Laughter is the key
    Add funny dialogues from your favorite show or an inside joke that you might share with the giver
  • Eventful
    Turn your gift into an event. Our Sherpa blanket which can be personalized with your text is perfect for a day out or a picnic.
  • Don’t forget about the wrapping/ presentation
    Present your gift in such a way that the receiver gets excited even before they see what’s on the inside.

So if you are wondering about what to gift this Christmas, thanksgiving or special occasions consider these points 2018

Survey conducted to find indicator of a good Christmas gift in Norway 2018, by gender revealed that usefulness is one of the good indicator of a Christmas gift Here is the percentage of women and men who agree:
  • 39% women
  • 50% men

A Surveyconducted in Poland, 2019 shows that one of most preferred feature of a good personalized gift is:

  • Quality at 38%
  • Customer preferences at 37%
  • Usefulness at 37%

6) Here is a list of some of our high-quality long-standing gift items

    This one will make a great addition to your leisurewear. Get breezy summer vibes with light colours to enjoy the summertime chill while looking cool
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    Can’t imagine winters without beanies because classics are always trendy. Opt for this snug fit customized beanie. Keep your loved ones warm. A gift they can use for a long time and can keep it.
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    A good blanket and a sound sleep is something everyone wants. For an amazing experience, one can never forget to write a warm message for the receiver onto the plush fleece blanket. Super cozy and super comfy, it gives a homey feel. This Plush fleece blanket will make a splendid token of your affection.
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    Storing and carrying water is convenient and eco-friendly with this high-quality stainless steel water bottle. A great functional item to carry outdoors or for a hike. Make it a thoughtful gift to give your siblings, mom and dad
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    Made with ultra-soft fibre, this towel is exceptional because of its design and usefulness. Select colour, pattern and design to add your personal touch to surprise the receiver. It shows you care for their needs.
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