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People never forget how you make them feel - An unforgettable gifting experience for both you and the receiver



“When thou makest presents, let them be of such things as will last long; to the end they maybe in some sort immortal, and may frequently refresh the memory of the receiver”.

-Thomas fuller

Giving presents to our close and loved ones serves us purposes such as:
  • Being remembered: The physical item given to your close one will always remind them of your presence and your contribution to their lives
  • Display of Love: Our love and care for people in our lives come forward through efforts of thoughtful gift-giving. It is a way of saying that you care enough to make them happy
The quality of “best gifts” is generally connected to unforgettable and life-changing experiences. This was shown in a study by Ines Branco-Illodo. Experience lets us create some of the great memories to the extent that one would want to play the memory over and over again in their mind, reliving those moments of happiness. Experience gifts are like maturity; it starts to make sense over time. When a gift is used for a long time its impact becomes even stronger than before.

Such as:
When we give perfumes, their fragrance lasts a day. Let’s say when one will use the perfume they will remember the giver, however, when the perfume runs out or fades so does the feeling. But that’s not the case with our gifts. The fun part about our collection is that it offers an experience, one that will last for a long time.

1) Things to consider creating an experience

Think for the distant future; avoid gifts that can add clutter. It is always better to give a gift one can enjoy for ages and not just the day the gift is handed. We forget what they say but not how you made them feel. A gift can be forgotten as soon as it proves futile, however; a gift such as according to the receiver can make them cherish it for years ahead. A great gift creates such memories one will never forget.

“Every ounce of love you put into these experiences multiply that love for everyone else a thousand fold. Never underestimate the power of your intentions to make people happy.”

The Art of Gift Giving, by Shereen Elise Noon


Memories are special to every individual, no doubt. It is because it comes from someone we adore, special people in everyone’s life such as our family, friends and relatives. When our loved ones give us reasons to smile and give us moments that we can preserve, our memories becomes indescribable.
For those indescribable memories give them an experience gift meant to last for a long time. To make sure they love your gifts and will possess it for a long time, it is because you gave them a reason to hold on to it.

Shown in a survey, it revealed the reason why givers prefer to choose experience by generation. These are the following reason with their corresponding percentage:
  1. Based on special memory
  • U.S Average - 61%
  • Gen Z - 78%
  • Millennial - 60%
  • Based on uniqueness
    • U.S Average - 55%
    • Gen Z - 61%
    • Millennial - 54%
    For them to cherish your gift forever, tailor it with the message, picture that will symbolize them and them only. Avoid general gifts and go for specific gifts. Tailor the gift according to your special one so that they can admire it.
    A dynamic gift is an item that makes the receiver feels happy and excited when they look at it. However, this excitement does not last for a long time. Possessing an item that is of no use only adds to the clutter. That’s not the case with experience, gifts capable of giving you long-term experiences are useful.
    Experiences are invaluable. A materialistic gift may end with time but its memory will live on with time. Gifts offering short-term excitements are not really what receivers look for nowadays, what they look for is something that is here to stay. The memories and experiences we have gained are something that cannot be undone. Be sure to give a sentimental gift something that will stay with them.

    2) Why ditch the out-of-date gifts?

    It happens quite often that gifts we received on our birthdays, anniversaries or any other celebrations get lost in the clutter. Either they get forgotten or not used anymore. Ever wonder why that happens?

    • The receiver either lose interest and find them boring
    • The receiver finds no real value in the gifts

    Nobody wants their gifts and efforts to go down in flames. To avoid this from happening one must make a good selection by keeping certain things in mind.

    • Piles up to their clutter
    • You don’t need to find things that suit them when you can make it yourself by adding a personal touch.


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