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Personalization is the new secret ingredient - Learn what it can do to your gifts


Why Do People Customize Gifts?

If you have ever received a personalized gift especially from near and dear ones you would know how it feels. To be able to know how valued you are to someone is beyond question. Thus, there is no best time or need for a special occasion to reciprocate your feelings. Does it also make you question what is so special about personalized gifts? What power do personalized gifts hold that ordinary gifts do not? Or why the demands of personalized gifts are wide-reaching?

What personalization means in gift-giving?

Personalization allows us to add uniqueness and more depth to day-to-day items. It transforms any event or occasion into a memorable one. Offering variety in items as well as providing options so you have the freedom to customize according to what suits you the best. Simply put, personalized gifts are a way to pass on the best of your memories you share in a creative and fun way.
Elements like embossing, etching and engraving are immensely popular and it is cherished by all. Additionally, they are best to show gratitude to the ones you love. Telling them how thankful you are for their presence in your life.

Why opt for personalization?

Emotions are unique to every individual and the connection adds to its charm. Customized gifts are dominating right now. It is because they are successful in igniting emotions and feelings like no other.

  • Your efforts and thoughts are noticeable
  • The reason why a personalized gift paves its way to your heart is that it highlights the efforts which you have put in to hunt a gift specifically for the receiver with utmost care and attention. A thoughtful gift represents that you made efforts and paid attention to the receiver’s needs and in what they are interested in.

  • Tailor-made
  • You can’t say no to a personalized gift. They are irresistible because it incites experiences which last. Made according to you or for you; it makes one feel special and sheds light on personal feelings and connections you both share. Coming up with creative ideas to customize gifts allows the recipient to sense the feelings.

  • Made for you alone – Says “I cherish you”

  • “Remember that a person’s name is, to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language”

    Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People

    It is a psychological fact that when someone says our name we feel a sense of connection to the person even if we hardly know them. So engraving their name along with your heartfelt messages which they can read and feel joy.
  • Eternal – nostalgic
  • Personalized gifts act as souvenirs of our past happy memories. One can always enjoy the same experience over and over just by a glance at it. These are memories meant to be preserved. Customized gifts that last longer will always go through the test of time and bring back the memories of the happy times you shared.
  • Fun-loving gifting experience
  • In the ocean of personalized gifts discovering the one perfect gift for our family and friends is fun and. Watching the look of excitement and on their face when they receive your gift and seeing them enjoy it will be the sweetest experience.
  • Love
  • If expressing romantic feelings is not your cup of tea then personalized gifts are the best to say everything impressively. It will also help you to avoid any problems caused by a lack of expression. Therefore, strengthen your bonds and share the feelings.

    As suggested in a report by Statista:
    • 18% women
    • 27% men
    Planned on buying personalized gifts for their counterparts in 2020.

    Another report by Statista revealed that out of other types of gifts personalized gifts were the most searched online by 170% as of January 2021. The statists imply that personalized gifts are becoming a trendy and popular gift choice among women and men. It shows personalized gifts will make a great gift for V-day

Personalization for successful gift-giving

Marta Pizzetti et al. revealed in a research study that gift-giving is set to be successful when the receiver feels satisfied with the gift and feels happy upon receiving it. Furthermore, custom gifts have the potential to express the feelings of the giver perfectly. The receiver perceives the capacity of the gift as a symbolic conveyor of feelings. The recipient appreciates not only the gift but the thought process that went behind it. The recipient values the message the giver is trying to convey through the gift.

How you can personalize items effectively

Don’t know where to begin? Here is our mini-tutorial on how you can decide how you should personalize a gift for someone

  1. Take into consideration who you are buying a gift for. Is it for your mother, girlfriend or your dad, brother and so on?
  2. List down what are their likes and preferences. Even better to note what they currently need. Is there anything they are looking for themselves but haven’t got yet?
  3. Go to our category section. Based upon the first step choose “For her” or “For him” categories.
  4. Choose what you want to print the gift with, for this, you can consider the mentioned examples.
    1. Letter
    3. Pictures
    4. Dialogue
    5. A scene from T.V show
    6. Cute and funny animations to print on the gift

Most trendy and thoughtful personalized gifts in our collection

Personalized gifts are trending due to uncountable reasons. One of them is that they are available in plenty of categories which offer a variety of gifts. Then, why choose the old conventional gift when you can stay one step ahead in gift-giving. With deep emotions attached to it, a thoughtful gift is more than an item; it is a feeling that is passed to another.
If you need ideas and don’t know what exactly to choose, have a look at some of the most trendy gift ideas you can choose from to express your feelings from the bottom of your heart.


Want to give something they can keep close to their heart? Pour your heart out with this necklace. A necklace as a gift is a popular choice, what makes our photo-etched heart necklace stand out is it can be customized with the picture of your loved one. It completes an outfit and carries emotional meanings. Ideal jewelry piece for elegant and minimal style.

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Color-changing mugs are fascinating. The message appears when hot water is poured. with every sip they will take; they will remember you and the memories of your favourite moments together.

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The good thing about the plush fleece blanket is that it looks adorable with a personalized message. Silky and comfortable, feathery touch pep-up any room. It provides warmth one cannot resist relishing in. Whether you plan to enjoy snuggling, lounging or sleeping it will do the work for you. The blanket lets you décor your room according to your preferences.

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Gifting backpacks never fails as it is more of a necessity than a choice for most people. They can be used in future by the receiver

  • Embroidered twist- The embroidered design of our backpack collections makes them stand out from the rest of the backpacks. They are unique and attractive. They fun to carry around
  • Useful attributes- Comes in modern colors, these bags are spacious and waterproof. Your belongings will stay dry and safe.
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This sophisticated and flawless packable jacket is a style that deserves to be included in their wardrobe. When in doubt wear this versatile piece that will look cool and chic.

  • Quality – made from 100% micro poplin, it is wind and rain resistant.
  • Comfort – it has a hood, pocket pouch packet all one might need to feel at ease.
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There is no other place like home. Decorate it with sweet memories and bring in a positive vibe.
  • High-quality material- Our posters are made out of thick, durable and matte paper, which gives the item the strength it requires to last for a long time.
  • 3
  • Improve aesthetics of the place- Its pleasing colours with the picture of your choice bright up the place it is hung in. It is a quick way to add a quirky and interesting element to your room
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