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The Art of Well Received Gifts - Proven Techniques


How gift-giving according to 4 major attributes makes people love gifts?

Research has been carried out by BBC, University of California, and Harvard University about "The psychology behind perfect gifting". They show the four major factors affecting the gifting practices among people positively

Want to Master the Art of Giving?

  • Personalization
  • Personalization of gifts creates a special bond between the receiver and the person who gifts. It reveals the effort you put in while thinking of a gift. The personalized gifts hold more value and express the adoration for the receiver easily.

  • Experience
  • A gift makes you remember the excitement and the person you got it from, even they are not around. It expresses your importance in their life, which is why efforts in gifting are always appreciated. Gifting is not a formality but it is giving the experience of joy, they can keep as a memento.

  • Usefulness
  • Gifting according to usefulness lets the receiver know that you value their needs and you know them thoroughly. Choosing a gift to the requirement of the person not only makes a perfect item but also elevates one's impressions in the receiver's eyes. Gifts to show someone you care about are the way to their hearts.

  • Long-term Satisfaction
  • A good gift can last long and be there as an important memory. It is everything for someone who misses you each day hoping to see you. A quality product will last especially until you meet them again.
Gift A Feeling takes away all your worries as we make sure each gift you purchase checks all the boxes. So you can leave a great impression on friends, family or a special one. We will take your gifting experience to a different level, from choosing gifts to show you care to personalize an item with ease. We make sure each of our products meets the expectation of the customers. We won't just let you give a gift, rather a gift a feeling.

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