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Meet GiftAFeeling's Psychology Researchers

GiftAFeeling is not only a personalized gifts company, it's the only gifting company in the world that educates people on how to find a gift based on research done on human psychology by the top universities in the world like Harvard, UBC, UBerkeley, top streaming platforms like BBC, as well as clinical psychologists around the world.

It starts right from the top!

Our Founder & CEO, Vinayak Mahajan, is a #1 Global Bestselling Author

His book - Unearthing the "Gift", is a one of a kind book available today, online or offline, that explains how focusing on human psychology can help you answer the very question of “What to gift”, and help you find a proven-to-be-loved gifts for mom/dad/soulmate or anyone!

He's also recognized in the gifting industry as a thought leader who has introduced to the world terms like Giftophobia. Today, he shares all his learnings and studies by means of Edutainment on all of GiftAFeeling media channels.

Meet the team!

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Gian Marco De Luca

I am Gian Marco De Luca, 22 years old. I come from Naples, a wonderful city in the south of Italy. In 2017 I moved to the Netherlands where I achieved my International Bachelor in Psychology. In September I applied for an Internship at GiftAFeeling to become one of their bloggers. Thanks to this experience I had the chance to learn about the theories, motives and feelings behind gift-giving. During the weekly meeting our job as blogger interns was evaluated. Week after week, thanks to the feedback of our supervisor, I was able to improve my style as a writer. This was my very first time writing articles for a blog, but thanks to all the information and the resources provided by GiftAFeeling I was able to learn everything I needed to know in the blink of an eye. Find my work below:

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Haley Owens

Haley Owens is a recent graduate of McMaster University in Canada with an honours degree in social psychology, and is currently enjoying writing for Gift A Feeling. Haley also enjoys crime shows and going on walks with her dog.

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Megan Lee

My name is Megan Lee and I am a recent graduate from the University of Western Ontario in Canada with a major in Psychology, my academic background focuses mostly on research work. Growing up as an individual, I always felt fulfilled when can help others. Making a difference in my community is something that drives me every day. I am always searching for a career that has meaning as well as being constantly challenging, diverse and rewarding. Working as a psychology blogger in GiftAFeeling, I have acknowledged that writing is another platform to help people feel connected, empowered and energized. Blogging about how to give people perfect gifts and explore the underpinning psychological theories and aspects allows me to express ideas and topics that I want to share with people. GiftAFeeling provides me with a great opportunity to increase awareness and understand how gifting can change people’s lives and well-being.

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Navleen Kaur

I loved working at GiftAFeeling because the personnel are kind and helpful. They assist you to become better writers and encourage me in making changes in myself that are useful to my work. The input they provide is quite valuable, and the opportunities provided to us while working are easily accessible, allowing us to get firsthand job experience.
People describe me as a positive, self-motivated team player with strong communication abilities. I've been working as a content writer for different companies and published various articles in the past 2 years. I am a university student in Vancouver and my major is psychology. I intend to be a cognitive-behavioral therapist in the future and open up my own practice.

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Warda Raza

I am a psychology graduate from Pakistan. Being passionate about psychology also enjoy writing. Working with Giftafeeling gave me an opportunity to pursue my passion while polishing my writing skills as well. I enjoyed working for them and they have been supportive throughout the entire process.

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