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Meet Habiba Komal Qadir - Summer 2022 Psychology Intern at The Shared Secrets Lab


I’m Habiba, a recent Psychology graduate from the University of British Columbia (UBC). 

The field of Psychology has always intrigued me, hence pushing me to pursue it as the Major of my undergraduate studies. Fortunately, UBC offered a comprehensive & fast paced psychology program that allowed me to explore a wide variety of psychological domains, including social, cultural, cognitive and developmental psychology.  Besides helping me understand the basis of my own thought processes, it also encouraged me to be empathetic towards the people around me. And I can say this with certainty, that the classroom knowledge definitely came in handy in the practical world when faced with challenging situations that required self-awareness, critical thinking and decision making. 

In an attempt to broaden my expertise, I designed my coursework to include subjects like Communications and Marketing, and was pleasantly surprised to come across the prevalence and dominance that Psychological concepts carry in the business world. Consumer Purchase Decisions are heavily influenced by cognitive biases, therefore, marketers incorporate Psychological Theories into their marketing strategies to directly influence Consumer Buying Behavior. Additionally, the use of Psychometric Tests to find the right employee by the Recruiters also points towards the importance of Psychology. . Hence, proving that psychology is definitely present in every aspect of our lives! 

The sense of fulfillment I get from helping others led me to get involved in different leadership and community projects at UBC. As the Orientation Leader, I trained current UBC students and assisted the incoming first-year students transition smoothly into their university lives. My performance in this volunteer position helped me earn a senior position at another project run by the same department. As a Peer Coach, I  provided individualized support to undergraduate students across faculties and disciplines. I worked with peers to co-create a plan of action to support their success in career development, specifically, resumes and cover letters.

I am excited about this opportunity to intern with The Shared Secrets Lab this summer. I have found writing to be a great way to express myself and manage my emotions. GiftAFeeling is a great opportunity for me to turn my hobby into a career. Lastly, this internship will also be a learning experience for myself to understand the psychology behind gift giving in the Business to Business (B2B) and the Business To Customer (B2C) domain.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading, dining out with my friends, long walks and exercising!

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